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Derek Katzer
Junior Derek Katzer is the opinion, arts and entertainment, editor of “The Bell.” He has been a part of the staff for quite a while. Although he writes about a variety of topics, he does especially well with spotlight stories.

Derek prides himself on consistently earning good grades and keeping a high GPA. He also takes many difficult AP and dual credit classes, like AP Government and College Chemistry. He is currently in his fourth year of Chinese.

When he isn’t working hard on school, Derek likes to play soccer and the bass guitar. 

He explained, “Recently, I’ve learned my first song, my first full song on the bass. It’s a lot of fun to play.”

While Derek claims that he has not had any major achievements, he has had some of his spotlight stories go to state and win awards. The fact that he has been able to accomplish this while also playing sports and music, along with school, is outstanding.

Derek has always liked to write, and joining “The Bell’s” staff was a great opportunity for him to learn how to do it professionally. Joining the newspaper has also helped with useful social skills like figuring out how to interact with and interview people. 

These are important skills for a future not only in journalism, but for almost every career. Not only has being a member of “The Bell” taught Derek much about reporting, it has also been a very fun experience. 

He claims,”I like the people and the class. Everyone is always there to help you if you have trouble. We have a sense of family, a sense of community, I guess. That’s what I really like.”

Derek is happy to be a part of “The Bell” staff once again and is looking forward to his experience this year.


Derek Katzer, A&E Editor

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Derek Katzer