Senior Wendy Tan

Tan explains her passion for music and heritage.

Jenna Henderson and Derek Katzer

Senior Wendy Tan loves the excitement of being on stage. The feeling of the warm, bright lights beaming down on her as she is about to perform fills her with glee. She feels this exhilaration every time she performs for Chamber Choir.

Tan has been in choir since sixth grade. She joined choir because she loved to sing and was interested in music. In choir it is easy for her to communicate with others, which is why she makes most of her friends from choir.

“My favorite part about choir is that people in choir are like a second family to me,” she said.

As a senior, Tan is looking forward to just enjoying senior year and high school before she graduates.

“High school has been great to me, the teachers and staff are wonderful,” Tan said.

Another thing she plans to continue this year is helping others. She is very open to helping others in her classes if they are struggling or need advice.

Her biggest accomplishment in her high school career was getting a $40k scholarship from KC Scholars to the University of Missouri. The scholarship is open for juniors and Tan applied for it last year. It required two essays and two letters of recommendation.

“I am very excited to graduate and start the college life, I would have more freedom and it will be a whole new experience with meeting new people and learning new things,” Tan said.

In the future, Tan hopes to travel to Thailand and New York. She has heard Thailand has the best food and she has always loved the bright city lights.

One of her favorite memories of traveling is from this past summer.

“I went to Singapore this summer with my family,” Tan said. “It was really nice and I would love to visit again.”

She loves to travel and looks forward to traveling the world in the future. Her favorite experiences in Singapore were the MRT trains. They made it convenient for tourists to see the beautiful sights.

“We visited lots of tourist attractions in Singapore,” Tan said. “One being the Bayview of the Garden, where lights are placed on structure-like flowers that glow and start the show when it gets dark.”

Business teacher Adrienne Fowler has known Wendy for three years and enjoys having her in class.

“Wendy is a dream student to have in class. She is so studious and organized, asks questions if she has them, helps any classmates that are struggling, answers questions, studies and just tries so hard. She puts effort into everything she does.”

Friend senior Michayla Johnston had a great first impression of Tan.

“Wendy Tan is smart, organized, and super nice, so my first impression was that she was the kind of person who’d make for an awesome friend,” Johnston said.