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Jenna Henderson

Jenna Henderson, Reporter

It seems as if freshman Jenna Henderson has the rest of her first year of high school figured out.

Henderson plans on using her classes here at LHS to further herself in the real world as well. She believes that taking Spanish classes, all the way through to Spanish Five, will help her gain skills outside of school.

“It is said that it is the most used language in the world besides English, so I chose to learn some of that in order to help me later in life,” Henderson said,

Outside of school, Henderson has already found a place where she belongs.

She has been involved in softball since she was four years old and is planning on carrying that through her high school career.

Playing softball hasn’t only given her a group of familiar people here at LHS, it has also given her some stories to share.

“I had practice and I was playing in the outfield. Someone hit the ball so I went to try and catch it,” Henderson said. “I lost it in the sun so when I looked up, the ball hit me in the eye and gave me a black eye.”

Using her background of people she knows in softball as well as newspaper as an opportunity to get to know more people, she is looking to put herself out there and explore more of the school.

“I'm excited to meet new people and find out where I fit in,” Henderson said. “I am already in softball, but I want to find more.”

All content by Jenna Henderson
Photo courtesy of Dawson Vogelaar

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Jenna Henderson