Sophomore Jessica Giles

Giles talks about running track, cross country and volunteering.

Shane Bass and Derek Katzer

Sophomore Jessica Giles is on the run.

“Cross country was something I wanted to do because it gave me something to do outside of Track,” Giles said “Track is my main sport, I do sprints so anything between 100 meters to 400, but Cross country works on my endurance and to stay in shape for the track season,” she said.

“I started Track in 8th grade and I liked it so I continued through high school,” Giles said

Science teacher, Aaron Hohn, had many positive things to say about Giles. They included tough, strong and consistent.

Coach Hohn thinks Giles will be great during cross country even if she doesn’t see herself doing well.

“I met Jessica last spring during Track season,” Hohn said. “She immediately stood out – she was quiet but strong. I asked her to train with us this summer and run cross country in the fall and she has done everything asked of her. Though she may not see herself as a distance runner, she’s going to have a lot of strength going into the spring track season. She has big things to come,” he said.

Hohn makes Jessica out to seem selfless.

“At a time when kids are more and more concerned about what others think, Jessica has the confidence to step out and try something new like cross country,” Hohn said.

Giles recognizes her positive traits.

“I would say that I’m selfless,” Giles said.

Outgoing, kind, and caring are three words she uses to describe herself.

Making the varsity track team freshman year does not happen often, but for Giles, that dream came true.

“When I made varsity track, I was very surprised, I didn’t think I could keep up with the seniors and other varsity runners,” she said. “I was extremely happy and excited, and ready to take on the challenge”

Some of sophomore Lillian Graves’s favorite memories are running Cross Country with Giles. Three words she describes Jessica with are funny, positive and athletic.

Graves also describes Jessica as a great friend.

“She’s always there for you,” Graves said.

Even with Cross County and Track keeping Giles busy, she finds time to help others.

“I volunteer in my church with little kids — I try to help with what little things I can,” Giles said.

She applies that attitude to Track too.

“I make sure other people understand what they are supposed to do in workouts and practice,” Giles said. “I try to keep a positive attitude even when it is hard.