Sophomore Natalie Adams

Sophomore Natalie Adams shares her passions and personality.

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Sophomore Natalie Adams

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Derek Katzer

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Although it was a late night, the atmosphere in the fieldhouse was electrifying. Sophomore Natalie Adams’ club basketball team was down six points to a club from Wichita.

The sound of squeaking shoes on the floor was impossible to ignore. Adams had control of the ball and was looking to score. The dribbling of the basketball was loud in her ears. Or, perhaps, it was her own heartbeat.

As Adams shot the ball, everyone was on the edge of their seats.

The voices of the crowd gasped in unison. Their eyes saw the basketball fly into the net and they heard the unmistakable sound of a swish.

But, what’s this? The referee called a foul against the opposing team.

Adams scored both of her free-throw shots, bringing the score even closer.

Adams’ teammates scored a three-pointer, putting Adams’ club team ahead.

Adams watched anxiously as the clock ticked down. The whistle blew, and Adams’ team was in the lead.

The effort of both Adams and her teammates allowed them to win first in their tournament.

“My favorite memory I think would be the games that have been close where you think you’re going to lose, but then at the end you come back with a win,” Adams said.

Adams did not get to where she is today alone. She had a lot of help from friends, teachers and coaches.

“The way [coaches] interact with all of us, or me personally, helps me get through stuff I wouldn’t be able to get through on my own,” Adams said. “The stuff I can take from the court back to school or back anywhere really. It’s just a really positive impact they have on the people around you.”

Although Adams got help from those around her, she has made sure to help those around her as well.

“She has always been there for me. She’s always been someone who can be trusted and she’s genuine,” sophomore Allie Reece said. “She has been there for me through everything. She’s the kind of person I can talk to and that I trust fully.”

When Adams isn’t participating in basketball, Diversity Club, or helping out her friends, she can be found doing homework or drawing.

“I don’t know what it is, but I like to doodle on my homework and my notes pages,” Adams said.

This, however, does not mean that Adams is a student who is off task.

“Her depth of knowledge is great,” Social Studies teacher Paul Turner said. “She is willing to have fun in class but knows when to be serious when discussing content.”

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