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Photo by Ashley Ritter

Ashley Tindall, Indepth Editor

Junior, Ashley Tindall, has a mindset focused on academics, being enrolled in many AP classes and two newspaper classes. Tindall hopes to next year become the Editor in Chief for the Bell. When she is not in her classes she is still working actively towards her goal of becoming Editor in Chief, by reading and writing actively outside of school.

Tindall finds hobbies outside of school in reading and writing.

“I love reading young adult fiction novels,” Tindall said. “I have a dream to become an author, so I dabble in different writing styles, like poetry and young adult fiction novels.”

Breaking boundaries is a big goal for Tindall and she hopes to work her way up the chain of command in her newspaper class. Tindall said, “Hopefully next year I can become the Editor in Chief.”

Tindall’s favorite memory of writing came fondly back to her. “We had to write this story about WW2, I left it at my Grandparents' house and then they read it and my Grandmother came and talked to me about it,” said Tindall. “It really made me want to become an author and maybe I can make a difference.”

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Ashley Tindall