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The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

Advanced Woodworking students work to put the finishing touches on their custom cabinets, their first projects of the year. These students will make up the majority of this year’s playhouse build for the KC Parade of Playhouses which will be auctioned off to fund STEM education in the KC area.

Playing for a Purpose

Brodey Hutton December 4, 2023

 In early January, Advanced Woodworking students and the Construction Science Club will come together to work on the third annual playhouse build for the Home Builders Association of Greater Kansas City...

Juniors Connor Nicholson, Todd Yeates, Patrick Cleary, senior Evan McWhorter and sophomore Colin McKenna on Oct. 14 holding their Conference champions
Photos courtesy of Connor Nicholson

XC Excellence

Brodey Hutton October 19, 2023

   On Oct 14, the Blue Jay’s Cross Country team won Conference, taking first place in all four 5000m silver division races at KC Suburban Conference at Lee’s Summit North High School.    “My...

Lady Jays softball wear shirts and have banners out for their game in honor of Ryun Middelton. The game took place tuesday Sept. 19. Middelton was diagnosed with cancer and The rally for Ryun event was created to help raise money to fund his treatment.

Fundraising the Fight

Brodie Jobe September 25, 2023

  The Rally for Ryun Fundraiser took place Tue, Sept. 19. The fundraiser was created by Internal Security Officer Kim True, and was assisted by the leadership class. Rally for Ryun was held during the...

Students crowding around each college booth in Cokley gym during the LPS college fair on Sept. 12.

Making Opportunities Fair

Connor Rizek, News & Sports Section Editor September 15, 2023

   The LPS College Fair was Tues, Sept. 12, 2023 in both the Cokely Gym and the Blackbox. It hosted 81 colleges including big universities such as Mizzou, smaller colleges like William Jewel, each military...

High Risk, High Reward

High Risk, High Reward

Brodie Jobe June 8, 2023

Young Entrepreneur(YE) Market Day is a business opportunity for the students of Intro to Business class to gain insight on the pros and cons of creating and selling products. The Market Day took place...

Photos courtesy of Liberty High School Twitter

A Splash of Spirit

Brodey Hutton May 12, 2023

On May 9, 2023, the two new spirit leaders for the 2023-2024 school year were announced in front of almost 2000 students and faculty at the senior’s last day assembly. Seniors Dawson Harmon and Ava Hood...

Red Kingdom

Red Kingdom

Chloe Franklin March 10, 2023

   On Feb 15, 2023 Chiefs fans from all over the country gathered to celebrate the victory which took place during the Superbowl LVII ending with the Chiefs beating the Eagles 38-35 at the State Farm...

A Journey to Beneficial Health

A Journey to Beneficial Health

Brodie Jobe, Reporter February 27, 2023

   From New Year's Resolutions to social media influences, over 50% of Americans are hoping to exercise more in the new year. The gym can be a way to improve physical and mental health by improving...

GPA to Stay

GPA to Stay

Chloe Franklin, Reporter February 27, 2023

   Liberty High School has launched the new weighted GPA system midway through the school year on January 3rd as an opportunity for seniors to have their academic achievement recognized in regards to...

In March 2022, senior Hayden Bracken (pictured) and LHS alum Trevor White created a table made from the remains of a tree which had long stood outside of Franklin Elementary School.
“I thought the table was a great way to utilize the lumber. I requested him to make something big, rather than cut the wood up into a bunch of smaller pieces, and it turned out great,” teacher Josh Jacobs said.

Rooted in Liberty

Bianka Mancia, Reporter February 2, 2023

On Dec 1, senior Hayden Bracken and graduate Trevor White donated a table made out of ash wood which came from a tree that previously stood outside Franklin Elementary School before the district existed....

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