William Jewell College

A big thank you to all those who have impacted my life.


   These last four years have contained nothing less than the good, the bad and the ugly. I used to wish my high school career away; I realize now how blessed I’ve been with the miracle which is the time I’ve spent as a Blue Jay.

   I discovered this blessing as I was deciding my future: what I would major in and what college I would attend. As I was thinking about my future, I realized I would miss what I’m leaving behind. More specifically, the ones who care about me.

   Applying for colleges puts the high school experience into numbers and categories. What are your grades? Were you a valedictorian? What awards have you won? What have you accomplished? College administrators fail to understand why I put in so much effort into my work. It’s because you all were here for me, that’s why I could work so hard. 

   Those who care for me have changed me. The more time I spend with them and the more we learn about each other, the more I learn about happiness. Even if we did butt heads from time to time, when you’re with your friends, what’s it mean to have trouble?

   These people have shown me a world I couldn’t know if I was alone. Take Newspaper, for example. I disliked talking and interviewing people nor did I have any ambition of becoming a journalist. I joined originally because of friends, but I stayed for the people I met along the way. As a result, I’ve created new friendships and deepened existing ones. Despite the weakness and fear Newspaper represented for me, I persevered, and destiny was fortunate for me.

   Being together with people I cared about and who cared about me brought forth happy memories and a future self, a self I can be more proud of, into the world. Finding people I could be myself around brought confidence in me. It’s a wonderful feeling, knowing always and everywhere, I’ve got smiles awaiting for me when I’m with you. I’ve gained something irreplaceable through our time together.

   Somewhere along the way, however, I took you all for granted. I naively thought the time we spent together would be the same as always. This step into the future has reminded me how special and important you have been for me.

   While I am not certain what my future will look like without you, it’s important for us to find out for ourselves. I’ll be brave, and keep chasing after my dreams with passion. Thanks to everyone, I’ve gained the ability to shine with the resolve and confidence to never give up.

   For all those in my life: I’ve loved spending my life with you.