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The school news site of Liberty High School

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The school news site of Liberty High School

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Ethan Atkins

Ethan Atkins, Spotlight Editor

   Sophomore Ethan Atkins is the spotlight section editor for the 2020-2021 volume of The Bell.  Outside of school, Atkins enjoys playing video games.

   “I really enjoy playing video games,” Atkins said. “That’s really cliché, but who doesn’t enjoy playing video games? I play a lot of Call of Duty, I also enjoy playing Watch Dogs.” 

   Atkins is talented in many other interesting activities as well. 

   “I can walk on my hands, I got really good at that a couple years ago, I can walk across the room,” Atkins said.

Some overlook Atkins abilities.

 “Just because I’m short, does not mean I’m the worst at sports,” Atkins said. “I always get  picked last, I’m not the worst.” 

   You will see Atkin’s enjoyment in writing spread across his columns and pages. He is glad he made the decision to join staff. 

   “In eighth grade some of the leadership of newspaper came into my ELA class. I liked to write, and I got hooked on it,” Atkins said.

   Atkins often finds that his favorite parts of newspaper are the friends and connections made along the way.

   “The connections that you make with everyone in class that you see everyday, it was really nice to have a little community that you know you can rely on,” Atkins said.

 This year he really looks forward to what comes of the hybrid year.

 “I’m really excited for the year and we are going to make great stuff,” Atkins said.


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