Freshman Alex Fuhrman

Fuhrman talks about his passion for band.

Ethan Atkins and Derek Katzer

Freshman Alex Fuhrman is like any ordinary kid, he enjoys playing video games and hanging out with friends. But what he enjoys most is band.

“Band is definitely hard work, it’s not an easy thing to do,” Fuhrman said. His favorite percussion instrument is the snare drum.

“Snare drum has a lot of cool things you can do, there’s a lot of rudiments and a lot of rhythms you can play, it’s just really fun.”

Fuhrman has recently joined the LHS drumline. There are a few things that he does in drumline, such as memory checks.

“We have memory checks to see if you have memorized the pieces of music,” Fuhrman said.

One of Fuhrman’s favorite things he has done while at LHS is going to drumline camp.

“Drumline camp is where you go to learn how to play our instruments, learn to use proper technique and learn some exercises you will use all year,” Fuhrman said.

Jeffrey Lean, Fuhrman’s middle school band teacher, had many things to say about him.

Lean described Fuhrman’s attitude and professionalism as “contagious.”

“Alex is focused and does his job. He is serious about doing things right,” Lean said.

Lean also commented on his attitude toward his band mates as, “respectful.”

Fuhrman’s dad had a big influence on his life.

“My dad played drums but he didn’t read music. He played by ear. he really got me into drums,” Fuhrman said.

Fuhrman’s hard work and determination paid off. He won one of the highest honors in band, the Jim Litch Award.

“This is an award someone gets when they are dedicated to band and try their hardest,” Fuhrman said. “I’ve been hoping I could get this award since 6th grade because I thought it would be a cool thing to have.”

Fuhrman includes band in his future.

“I would love to student teach, I would like to help out some percussion students. I also would definitely go on a different path like joining a band, like a rock band or a jazz band.”

Though band takes up most of Fuhrman’s time, he always makes time for what is most important in life.

Fuhrman has a three-year-old beagle named Copper.

When Fuhrman is not doing band or playing with his dog he enjoys playing video games. His favorite video games are GTA, Rainbow Six Siege and Call of Duty. Over the summer, Fuhrman and his friend, freshman Chase Jadwin, went to the lake.

“We went tubing, swimming, typical things you do at the lake,” Jadwin said.

Jadwin is a big supporter of Fuhrman’s band based lifestyle. “He really really likes band, It’s kind of like his life,” Jadwin said.

Fuhrman’s journey through band and life has only just begun, but if he could only tell people one thing, it would be,

“There is nothing in this world that you can’t accomplish if you just try your hardest and apply yourself.”