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Regan Johnston
Many people have inspiring plans for their future. To junior Regan Johnston, this philosophy is taken to the next level.

Striding to be a journalist, Johnston has optimistic personal goals.

“I hope to be the best person I can be,” Johnston said. “I hope to be a well-rounded person. I hope to come out of it with valuable leadership skills that will help me in the future. I hope to become a very good reporter because I plan to continue this outside of school and I hope to make a difference with my writing someday.”

Regan believes that newspaper is where he belongs in LHS.

”I love being able to be a very important part of this high school,” Johnston said. “What keeps me in newspaper today is the fact that I'm making this high school better. Even if it's just helping staff members with homework, or writing a story to keep people informed.”

Johnston’s past aspirations lie within his high school goals.

“It shows that I'm leaving some sort of legacy behind that others can follow,” Johnston said.

Regan Johnston, A&E Editor and chairperson

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Regan Johnston