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Giving thanks for the newest clubs at LHS.

Regan Johnston and Rylee Berry

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This Thanksgiving it’s important to give thanks for some of the newest clubs in school. We didn’t have these before, now we do: C

hess Club, Lego Club and Tea Club.

Chess Club

Chess Club has arrived at LHS. Members play chess and work to improve their skills. Anyone who is interested in Chess Club can go during Liberty Hour on Fridays, in room 514.

“The best part about Chess Club is when you get to teach other people about chess because you learn something every single time you play a game,” club founder freshman Aimee Wang said. “Chess allows you to see a bigger picture and use logical thinking.”

Even with Wang’s satisfaction with the club so far, she’s looking ahead.

“For the future of our club I’m hoping to expand it to where we can fundraise and get someone to teach us to improve our strategies,” Wang said. “At the end of the semester, I’m thinking we could do the final tournament and win prizes.”

With the experience Wang has, Chess Club’s sure to be a checkmate.

“I won the eighth grade state championship and I was thinking chess is my thing,” she said. “I was like, ‘I’m going to start this club and I’m going to make it big.’”

But Wang couldn’t do it alone. With help from teacher Heather Moder, sponsor of Chess Club, she was able to make it all possible.

“Though I have no particular investment in chess itself, I do want to support students and their interests when I have the opportunity to do so,” Moder said. “At some point, I am planning on having Aimee teach me how to play.”

With everything Moder has done, Wang is appreciative.

“I’m thankful for Mrs. Moder sponsoring my club, supporting me with this idea and putting in so much work just to make this happen,” Aimee said.

Lego Club

Lego Club has really built itself up. It’s foundations are built upon students who appreciate construction and design.  In this club, members put their creativity to the test and compete for who is the best builder. Senior Jared Wilson, who started this club, aims to provide friendly competition for those who love to build. People interested in Lego Club can join during Liberty Hour on Thursdays in room 200.

“I had a bunch of Legos at home and decided I’d start a club with it,” Wilson said. “It’s fun for people to come in and mess around with Legos.”

Other than play with Legos, this group helps out in the community.

“We’re going to start a toy drive soon for community service,” Wilson said. “Come in, have fun, it’s a good time playing with Legos. It might seem stupid but trust me, it’s not. Come give it a shot.”

Wilson had the help of his friends to get the club off the ground and he appreciates their support.

“I’m thankful that a lot of my friends from cross country showed up and told their friends about it so I could actually get this club started.”

Tea Club

Another new club jumping out of the kettle is Liber-Tea. Students can do homework, drink their favorite tea with friends and relax.  People interested in Liber-Tea can meet with them on Fridays during Liberty Hour in room


“Several students in my advisory class enjoy drinking tea and I do too,” sponsor Emily Bryant said.“ It was common ground and something we could discuss and enjoy together.Our slogan is Life, LiberTea, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We drink tea, learn about tea, try new teas and most importantly, enjoy talking with each other.”

The students enjoy having time to relax and appreciate the value of a good cup of tea.

“I’m grateful I can have time to just let loose and hang out with my friends while drinking

tea,” junior Elizabeth Blumhardt said “My favorite tea is the raspberry tea because it has a lot of flavor.”

Along with drinking tea and working on homework, members get the opportunity to enjoy the company of tea experts who about tea and its origins.

“We had a tea expert come last week,” Blumhardt said.“ She taught us about the different tea leaves, how to tell if a tea is high quality and had us sample several different kinds.I learned a ton.”

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