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The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

Photo by Ashley Ritter

Rosie Frederick, Reporter

Reporter Rosie Frederick is going into her last year at LHS with high hopes for the future. In her dream life, she would be a professional singer by day and a professional artist by night. Rosie has been singing for most of her life, starting in a church choir at a young age and it is her favorite way to express herself.

“Singing is my favorite medium because it is an art where you don’t need to buy any materials or set up anything physical,” Frederick said. “Your voice is already there so you can just sing.”

She is very passionate about any and every form of art whether that be, drawing, singing, or dancing.

“I love art because it is so organic and genuine,” Frederick said. “You can’t hide behind your art, and whether it be a conscious decision or not, the audience can often see the creator’s emotion in their art. True art can’t be faked.”

Rosie has two rescued pets, a cat named Oscar and a dog named Diamond. She loves Italian food and her favorite candy bar is Twix.

“I prefer savory food as opposed to sweet food,” Frederick said. “Like my personality, my food is often spicy or salty.”

Frederick’s favorite television shows are Supernatural and The Good Place and she often rewatches any and all Marvel movies as they are her favorite.

Her favorite seasons are fall and winter because of the uniquely sublime scenery they provide.

“The colorful crunchy leaves and cold weather provide a cozy feeling that I love,” Frederick said.

Rosie Frederick is an artistic senior that is off to make a name for herself. Collect your autographs while you still can.

All content by Rosie Frederick