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Photo by McKenna Hegger

Photo by McKenna Hegger

Photo by McKenna Hegger

Regan Johnston and Delaney Tarpley

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   While some may argue that Disney World is the happiest place on earth, others would strongly advocate for Homecoming week right here at LHS. With some changes to Homecoming week and a new theme, StuCo had to face some tough challenges in order to ensure that this year’s Homecoming exceeds everyone’s expectations.

“This is the largest student council we’ve ever had,” sponsor Erin Ramsey said.  “We have 65 members. Usually we’ve had 45 to 50. It’s been a challenge but a bonus at the same time. We have a lot more opinions and a lot more people to help out, but sometimes it’s difficult to manage.”

However, one committee that StuCo won’t have this year is the float and parade committee. After two years of trying to bring back these long-standing Liberty traditions, StuCo is finally pulling the plug.

To replace the parade, StuCo is introducing a new event.

“This year instead of the Homecoming Parade we’ve done in years past, we are switching it up and hosting a community picnic.” Stuco executive president senior Hannah Berry would like to add This picnic will be held on Thursday, October 5. “We want it to be something LHS can give back to the community of Liberty,” Berry said.

The football team will face off against Truman for the homecoming football game on Friday, October 6 at 7pm.

“I’ve actually been to several of the games, just not the dance,” said senior Kyler Fullerton. “I like the game the best out of all the different Homecoming week activities.”

The Homecoming dance will be held in the Cokely Fieldhouse on Saturday, October 7. There’s going to be a DJ, dancing and places to take photos. Tickets are $15.00.

With Disney chosen as the theme, everyone is ready for a great time. Making the decision for a theme can be a little challenging.

“We landed on the theme of Disney through a vote,” Stuco executive president senior Hannah Berry said. “We went through a series of voting, narrowing it down from about 20 or so to the top three, and then the final one: Disney.”

On Friday, October 6, the assembly will take place. The Homecoming king and queen canidates will be announced and there will be a fall sports pep rally.

“Homecoming is a really fun part of students’ high school careers,” Berry said. “It’s a fun night to dress up and enjoy your friends’ company.”

Students show their enthusiasm preparing for this event by picking out outfits and finding people to go with. The excitement can be found everywhere.

“The two months leading up to the dance getting everything ready, ordering, painting the mural and getting to be creative is definitely my favorite part.” Berry said.

“We put in a lot of really hard work into this we really want to make this a special night for you and your friends. I just think overall it’s going to be a really good night.” sophomore Jeffrey Taylor said.

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