Technology Specialist Tod King

Students and staff recall good times they've had with Tech Specialist Tod King.

Regan Johnston

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Senior Alex Carrol

“We talk about all kinds of things: Star Wars, Star Trek and how computers work. I like his personality, he knows how to laugh. We have the same sense of humor, bad puns and computer jokes.”

Senior Elliot Lundy

“He just helps me with a lot of computer-based problems. It is really interesting to see him work. He will tell me stories about his kids and he is a really cool person to talk to. He is inspirational because no matter how small an issue is, he thinks it is worth helping and fixing.”

Librarian Julie Adams

“He is always available to help us out when we can’t get the problems with computers fixed and always puts the interest of students first, making sure they have what they need. He is very approachable and an asset to the school.”