Junior Faraz Pervaiz

Junior Faraz Pervaiz makes the world a better place one step at a time.

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Junior Faraz Pervaiz

Photo by Morgan Clark

Photo by Morgan Clark

Photo by Morgan Clark

Photo by Morgan Clark

Regan Johnston

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Junior Faraz Pervaiz doesn’t let anything stop him from doing the most for himself and the people around him.

For some students, it can be difficult to find their passion and leave a lasting affect, but that doesn’t worry Pervaiz as long as he’s making the world a better place.

One way he tries to make the world a better place is through equality. Pervaiz believes strongly in equality and always tries to incorporate this belief into his life, no matter what class, club or activity.

“One thing I want people to know not only about myself, but about everyone, is that everyone is human and they all have to be treated that way,” Pervaiz said. “I think that equality is something we have to focus on.”

Pervaiz hopes to make a positive affect on the world through tolerance.

“The primary reason why I express equality a lot is because I’ve seen what inequality does,” Pervaiz said. “It’s not something that produces any form of positive movement.”

Pervaiz is also involved in Speech and Debate and says his knack for arguing is what helped him get started.

“I really wanted to join debate because my parents said I was pretty decent at arguing and they said to take it somewhere else outside of the house,” Pervaiz said.

In debate, Pervaiz appreciates the challenges and the long term skills it provides him.

“I enjoy debate because of the competition and ethics that we set,” Pervaiz said. “I think it also helps you to discipline and teach yourself better morals. It’s overall a good activity for effectively speaking.”

For Pervaiz, winning a debate is definitely a plus, but he doesn’t let his losses stop him from improving his technique.

“You’ll get crushed every now and then, but holding up a good debate in general makes you feel good all around,” Pervaiz said.

Debate teacher Timothy Baldwin commends Pervaiz for working hard to ensure nothing is left unsaid in each debate.

“I really admire how thoughtful Faraz is and the way that he tackles his questions,” Baldwin said. “I feel like he is exceptionally deliberate and well thought out. He is a massive asset to his teammates because of that thoughtfulness.”

Pervaiz isn’t just thoughtful in debate, he’s also thoughtful when it comes to helping his friends.

“He’s really nice and he’s always there to help if I ever need it. If I need help in school or just someone to talk to, he’s there,” junior Anthony Basa said.

No matter where he goes or what he does, Pervaiz strives to make a positive environment for those around him.

“I think the world of Faraz,” Baldwin said. “He is a young man who is super resilient, caring and an awesome kid. We should all aspire to be more like Faraz.”

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