Ice and Snow, Take it Slow

Students and educators share their own experiences and tips on driving in unfavorable weather.


Photo by Charlene Nguyen

Rosie Frederick

Waking up early to scrape ice off your car and driving on icy roads on the way to school probably isn’t the best way to start your day. These driving conditions make it more likely to get into wrecks. Many people get in wrecks all year round, but during the colder months, challenges are thrown at students and not everyone knows how to deal with them.

Photo by Charlene Nguyen

Senior Grace Flournoy says there is more than ice playing a role in the dangerous winter conditions.

“I think the school parking lot and roads are dangerous because some people are not cautious,” Flournoy said. “A lot of people in the parking lot are not able to drive very well.”

However, Flournoy is not the only one who watches for other driver’s mistakes. Junior Ian Dickerson says not to assume other drivers will follow rules.

“I make sure everyone around me is safe by making sure I’m always following the rules of the road,” Dickerson said. “Never assume other people are always going to follow the rules of the road. Make sure you’re always on your toes.”

How can students become safer drivers? Some students say the issue is how much time people give themselves to get to school.

“I take it slow and allow myself enough time to get to my destination without rushing,” Junior Alexis Fishel said. “I’m extra cautious of my surroundings and other drivers.”

Sophomore Evan Marley says to manage your time better, leave much earlier in order to have plenty of time to go slow on ice. “Driving slower on the roads can prevent sliding,” Marley said. “You should always plan on leaving 5-10 minutes earlier and take extra precautions. I wake up a lot earlier and let the car warm up before.”

Dickerson says speeding is not the answer.

“When driving in the winter with ice on the road, you always want to make sure you’re going the speed limit, if not under it,” Dickerson said. “Always take more time than you usually would when braking. Start braking earlier and don’t brake as hard. Don’t accelerate too fast because it could cause your wheels to spin out.”

If you don’t follow the rules of the road, consequences may follow you. School Resource Officer Kim True’s way of keeping the parking lot in order is by making sure students know they’ve made a mistake.

“It’s hard to prevent mistakes, I can’t be in every part of the parking lot at the same time,” True said. “Any wrecks I do see, I talk with the students involved. Admins have gone as far as taking their parking privileges until they can learn to abide by the rules.”

For everyone’s safety, pay attention to those around you, and give yourself more time.