History Teacher Ellen Meade

Freshman Landon Carrillo

“Mrs. Meade’s teaching is different from everyone else because she has a way of interacting with people, it puts everyone in a good mood. Especially with all the stories she’s told. It’s kind of cool because every story she tells she links back to the topic we’re talking about for the class unit.”

Freshman Jana DeVaul

“Mrs. Meade uses different levels of learning to help us understand the material. She also gives us many different projects and activities to go deeper into what the topic is about. One day she made a Great Depression simulation in class and the whole class had to try to survive. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.”

History Teacher Ellen Meade. Photo by Mercedes Peck.

Freshman Annamarie Milano

“She finds a way to relate things in our lives to what we are learning in class. She makes jokes and always has a way to keep the attention
of her students. She just makes the learning interesting so we retain it better. She has helped me with deciding classes for next year and has given me some insight on certain courses and jobs she thinks I would be interested in.”

Freshman Kyrstin Sims

“I feel Mrs. Meade makes learning different from other teachers because she gets in the mind of a teen and thinks what would help them understand better, and really explains each topic, and makes sure every student understands. She is one of my favorite teachers because she has such a kind heart and an amazing personality. I would love to have her again. She makes learning so fun and makes it so much easier.”

Freshman Abby Steelman

“Mrs. Meade is an amazing teacher. Her way of teaching gets us ready for our future in high school along with our future after we graduate. Although we may not like the way she has us take notes sometimes, we know she wants us to be able to succeed later. Her personality is so contagious and she always has so much energy. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a bad mood.”