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Paige Twenter
Junior Paige Twenter is a slytherin down to the bone, refering to herself as delegating, focused, and organized. But that doesn't mean she sides with the death eaters. Rather, with her endless ambition and her resourcefulness she chooses to spend her time with her church's youth group. This past summer, Twenter went to Florida with her youth group. "We always had morning devotionals where we had thirty minutes on the beach and it was beautiful," Twenter said. Being able to read her Bible, meditate, and walk along the shores of the beach while in Florida was her favorite part of the experience. Twenter also spends her time co-editing the in depth stories for the LHS newspaper, The Bell. It will be her third year doing so and she will also be manning the newspaper's Twitter page. "I've always been a nosy person," Twenter said. "That's why I joined newspaper, but now I use the word curious." Twenter's curiosity gives her that extra edge when writing her stories. Pairing her curiosity with a hobby she has, Twenter watched documentaries and podcasts in her free time. "I like Stuff You Should Know, " Twenter said. "It's really funny, you should check it out." Choosing history over English, Twenter enjoys the many dynamics and physical depth that history brings to the table. "I really like listening to the stories and getting different documents of one person's view of history that is way different than another's," Twenter said. "It'll be the same events, same moment, but it's totally different." However, as much as she likes documentaries, the Disney classics will always have a place in Twenter's heart. This year is sure to bring Twenter more stories to investigate and excitement to her and those around her.

Paige Twenter, Editor-In-Chief

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Paige Twenter