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Letter From the Editor

Photo by Kaleigh McCarthy

Photo by Kaleigh McCarthy

Photo by Kaleigh McCarthy

Paige Twenter

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Butterflies in your stomach? Your palms sweating? Your heart skipping a beat? Really, who came up with these crazy descriptions of stress? Stress isn’t some cliche attribute – yet it is a feeling all of us have experienced. At LHS, we’ve all – or will – feel stress. It may not be a rollercoaster/tarantula/haunted-house feeling, yet a pressurized feeling none-the-less filled with homework, activities, friendships and new experiences. A controlled amount of stress can lead students to excel.

Truthfully, I’m nervous. I’m nervous to be leading The Bell newspaper staff. I’m nervous of making mistakes (especially stupid grammatical ones). However, through all these nerves, one lesson consistently persists in my mind: ask questions.

Freshman, if you have any questions or concerns about LHS, head on over to our Freshman Q&A story on page six to get student advice. Also, get to know your StuCo representatives, principals and counseling office staff throughout this issue. For returning students, get some advice on navigating the rest of your high school career from LHS’s alumni on page three, principals on page four and tips from the counselors on page 10.

Make this year what it deserves to be – a great one, filled with just the right amount of stress.

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