Fresh Coffee, Old Memories

I’ve been in a long-term relationship since fourth grade… with coffee.

Paige Twenter

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Photo by Chrystian Noble

Waking up a mere hour after the sun rises is not ideal, but I do it every day to beat the crowd for my one and only true love: coffee.

I started my fondness (or addiction) for the drink in fourth grade – I know, way too young – on a family vacation to Boston. My dad and I always make a point to try out a new coffee shop every morning while on vacation, before my sister and mom wake up (for some well-deserved quiet time – sorry mom, love you!) I typically ordered a hot chocolate, until one fateful morning, at Blue State Coffee, I mustered up all the courage I had as a 9-year-old and ordered a black coffee.

It was disgusting.

After spitting the coffee back into the cup (I was a pretty dramatic kid), my dad suggested adding cream. Ever since then, coffee has been one of the major food groups in my diet.

Of course, I’ve altered my order (a lot less cream, as my dad enjoys his cream with a side of coffee) and tried all different kinds of coffee, from macchiatos to lattes to pour-overs, but my obsession with coffee has not faltered.

When I think of coffee, I’m in coffee shops on vacation and reading a book while my dad angrily grades students’ papers, or I’m meeting up with old friends and exchanging gossip and life updates. When I think of coffee, I’m studying with my sister, or I’m joking with my mom and calling it “covfefe.”

Photo by Chrystian Noble

I know what you’re thinking, ‘Oh, another teenager who loves iced coffee and posts the latte art to social media, how cool and unique.’ I promise it’s not like that. (Okay, it’s a little like that, but nonetheless, it’s had a major influence in my life). I’m not claiming to be a coffee connoisseur; I can’t tell the difference between a $2 blend from one that’s $9. My love for coffee spans far and wide, and it’s not just about the coffee. The reason I love it isn’t so much about the taste of it, but my warm experiences associated with it. Whether I’m reminiscing on old memories or trying to wake up, it mochas me crazy.

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