Walking a mile


Paige Twenter and Caroline Parry

For a greater part of the last month and a majority of this past week, StuCo has worked tirelessly to plan and prepare for the Homecoming Parade on September 30, 2016. All the classes built a float after school Monday through Thursday. People had different opinions of what they thought about the floats.

  “My favorite float was the freshman float because it showed a lot of creativity,” freshman Jeffrey Taylor said.

  Clubs also spent time making flags to show what club they were and showed their creativity. During club meetings they spent time making the flags, though the floats took more time.

  “Aside from what other clubs may be doing to decorate their flags for their parade and voting on the Homecoming candidates that will ride in the parade, the main preparation is all in the float building,” sophomore Katherine Vlamis said. “This entire Homecoming week, StuCo members and students wanting to help their class have been staying after to build their float for the parade.”

  At the front of the parade there were cheerleaders and the band leading the march.

  “I thought the band played very well and I like the songs.”  junior Callie Broyles said.

  The tradition of having a Homecoming parade is fairly new to LHS but is a great way to represent all the students and organizations to promote all the events that surround Homecoming.

  “The purpose for the parade is to get the school excited for Homecoming. Homecoming is not just for football, it’s an event for our entire school to get involved in,” senior Emily Azpell said. “The school spirit at Liberty is unmatched so the Homecoming parade just adds to the fun!”