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Searching in the Stars

Paige Twenter and Alex Rogers

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Do the stars lie? Some are skeptical when it comes to the substantiation of signs while others are careful not to make any big decision before seeing what their horoscope has to say first. There are 12 constellations that make up the ecliptic, and responses from 12 different interviewees reflect both affinities and discrepancies between them and their sign, as well as some personal assessments of the stars and their legitimacy.


   Astrology has had a long and winding history. Astronomical observations began in Mesopotamia in 3000 BCE, which was the beginning of the zodiac concept. It didn’t connect to any religious faith or personal actions until 500 CE in Greece, when the planets and objects in the sky each had their own god or goddess affiliation. When the age of reason and science sprouted in the 1600s, the appeal and faith in astrology dwindled down (except for India, which even today consults astrologers for marriage or big decisions). In the western world, astrology is viewed more light-heartedly.

A Scientific Viewpoint

   Psychology teacher Jordan Moree explains that people take stock in astrology because they want to answer questions about their personality or know why they do what they do.

   “In psychology we talk a lot about that,” Moree said. “If your horoscope is your perception of what’s going to happen, then a lot of times you can control that. Just by having a positive attitude, good things are probably going to happen. Some people take that to heart and then it affects their day.”

   Moree also says there are reasons it’s easy to believe and/or take interest in astrology.

   “It’s so vague,” Moree said. “Which is good because you can take what you want from it and then you can change your life based on it. I think everybody would say that you have ever changing moods or most people could say they’re eccentric in some way. If you start looking at the words, it’s a myriad of contradictions.”

The 12 Signs

Students compare and contrast the truths and sometimes the inaccuracies of their zodiac signs for themselves.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

   Sophomore Makana Brooks very closely relates to her zodiac sign’s alleged personality traits. Their personality traits are listed as outgoing, have strong leadership skills and be naive or confusing sometimes.

   “Aries is my sun sign,” Brooks said. “Aries are supposed to be energetic, spontaneous, adventurous, daring, brave and aggressive. I’d say that I definitely meet those characteristics.”

   Aries’ are said to be most compatible with Geminis and least compatible with Cancers. Most traits for each sign are broad and Brooks speaks on that.

   “I’d say that my interests align with those of most Aries,” she said. “Whether or not that means that zodiacs have some sort of spiritual power is another story. Most horoscopes are intentionally vague and easy to relate to. Still, I think astrology is fun and interesting.”

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

   Taurus is one of the most infamous signs as its attributes are widely recognizable. Taurus is most compatible with Cancer and least compatible with Leo. Lazy, possessive and practical are three major defining characteristics of a Taurus.

   Junior Kris Evans isn’t in complete disbelief of zodiac signs but he believes they’re more of a mere coincidence than specifically true to those born within a corresponding birthday range.

   Evans describes himself as being “…compatible with the trait of being lazy and possessive but also being ambitious and practical. I think I am more in line with being a Cancer because they can be patient and nice at one moment and then cranky and mad the next.”

   There might be some truth in Evans’ creative, caring and introverted personality being more in line with an alternative sign.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

   Sophomore Peter Mallett is skeptical towards the authenticity of zodiac signs. For his sign, the Gemini, he is most compatible with Aries’ and least compatible with Virgos. Mallet’s supposed to be multi-talented, talkative or outspoken and sometimes too adventurous, which is the trait that is said to lead to issues in relationships.

   “I agree that I am sociable and and like to learn a little bit of everything,” Mallett said. “I don’t think I lead a unique life and I don’t think I’ll end up in a divorce court.”

   Despite the detail that Gemini’s is the twin sign and that Peter has a twin, not much else links between him and his zodiac sign.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

  The defining character traits of a Cancer are creativity, loyalty, spontaneity and generosity, moodiness, pessimism and clinginess. They are most compatible with Taurus and least with Aries.

   Teacher Maria Knowles describes Mr. Knowles, a Cancer, as “logical, outgoing, and good at researching” and Mr. Knowles acknowledges his impatience with people at times.

   Cancer hobbies typically involve indoor activities, while Mr. Knowles enjoys everything about outside.

   Mr. Knowles argues against the relativity of horoscopes today. “For thousands of years people, even kings and queens, would consult with astrologers and sorcerers. I think they’re entertaining as long as you keep it at just that: entertainment.”

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

   Leos typically love being in the limelight and carry a certain courageous and royal presence. They are most compatible with Aries and least with Taurus. Senior McKenna Still describes his strengths as “input, intellection, consistency and connectedness.”

   He acknowledges his biggest weakness is pride, which is also the most associated weakness with Leos.

   Unlike classic Leos, Still treasures the time he gets to spend by himself doing more laid- back activities such as literally laying back and watching Netflix or taking a nap. He is ambitious about not being too ambitious.

   Many Leos pursue careers revolving around the arts, including expression on stage or through music or photography. Still sees himself as one day becoming a journalist and has a knack for discovering new music and taking photos.

   Despite these parallels, Still does not believe in the credibility of zodiac signs.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

   Although freshman Hailey Childers’ extroverted personality contrasts with that of a typical Virgo, she is a firm believer in the Stars. Virgos are known for being reliable, practical, intelligent and modest. Along with these positive traits, they’re also best known for their overly critical attitudes. They find joy in finding flaws. Childers’ helpful nature and sarcastic sense of humor match typical Virgo traits. A Virgo is most compatible with a Taurus and least compatible with a Gemini.

   Childers prefers hanging out with her friends on the weekends rather than reenergizing by herself, which is contrary to a Virgo’s excessive reservedness that they are often criticized for. Childers also admits to procrastinating a lot and Virgos are known for their perfectionist-type meticulousness.

   Childers names confidence as one of her biggest strengths, lining up with the independence that makes up the majority of Virgos. She considers science both her best and favorite subject and sees herself as growing up to be an Orthodontist one day because of her interest in teeth. Some of the best careers for Virgos are those that involve the ability to separate emotion from work.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

   Libras are the most emotional sign. They’re also incredibly analytical and in tune to other people’s emotions.

   Senior Natalie Schaller is quite familiar with her sign.

   “I think my biggest strength is my attitude towards life,” Schaller said. “Even when I’m faced with really difficult situations, I don’t like to believe anything can stop me from doing something if I desire to.” This lines up with what Libras represent because they are so competitive and hard-working, investing themselves in anything and everything they do.

   Schaller’s weaknesses also line up with those of a traditional Libra.

   “I don’t tend to let things go easily, so if something bothers me or I’m really invested in something, it’s hard for me to detach myself from that.” Since Libras can be emotional, it is typically hard for them to break unhealthy attachments that they form to both ideas and people.

   Schaller prefers to spend her time around those who are considerably different from her when it comes to personality. The most compatible sign with Libra is Leo and least is Cancer.

   Schaller is an established believer in the signs.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

   Scorpios are allegedly powerful, dramatic, wise, secretive, loyal and unforgiving. Freshman Josey Vickers relates with the first five but disagrees with the last trait. Nonetheless, she does believe mostly in astrology. Scorpios are most compatible with Virgos and least compatible with Leos.

   “I believe that the signs are who you are and they relate to your personality,” Vickers said. “I think they’re very truthful and it describes people’s personalities and gives them a feel for who they are and what they’re about.”

   The sign’s strengths is being charming, good intuition, and being independent. On the other hand, they are also said to be known for holding grudges and being stubborn.

   “My strengths, I would say I care about people a lot and I feel like I need to help people that need help and I like to get things done in an efficient way. My weaknesses, I would say I’m shy and I would say I don’t really work well with others in groups because I’m so independent.”

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

   According to astrology, people born as Sagittarius’ are optimistic, confident and free-spirited. Regardless of any relations, freshman Samantha Seggerman finds zodiac signs to be more of a falsehood than truth. She deviates from the belief in them. The Sagittarius sign is most compatible with is Aries or Leo and least is Virgo.

   “I don’t believe in astrology,” Seggerman said. “I believe that just because a person is born at a certain time doesn’t change their personality– not all people born in a certain section of a year are similar. My parents are perfect examples of that, they have the same sign but they both have different personalities and preferences than the other although they share a few qualities. Personally, many things I have heard about my sign don’t apply to me.”

   She also believes the zodiac definitions are too broad and people forcibly apply themselves to their horoscopes instead of just being who they are.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

   Freshman Tucker Kloster more or less believes in astrology. His sign, the Capricorn, is said to be ambitious but cautious, reliable, high energy, and responsible.

   “I’m an extrovert and I like to be loud,” Kloster said. “I’m pretty good at math and I can read fast and well. My youngest brother and my mom are cancers, my middle brother is a taurus.”

   The most compatible sign is Taurus and the least is Aries.  

Aquarius (January 20 – February 19)

   Characteristics, both good and bad, that make up most people with the Aquarius zodiac sign include: truthfulness, just, curious, affection, frank, imaginative, unpredictable, detachment, tendency to go off-track and inefficiency. An Aquarius is science teacher Maria Knowles.

   Mr. Knowles described Mrs. Knowles to be “outgoing, personable and approachable” because she can relate to people easily. Mr. Knowles admitted to Mrs. Knowles also having significantly more common sense than him.

   The Aries sign is said to be most compatible with Aquarius and least with Taurus (Mr. Knowles is a Cancer…yikes!).

   Even though she finds reading her horoscope entertaining, she believes “…they’re all very malleable and it’s easy to say, ‘That’s why that happened to me!’” which she doesn’t buy.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

   To some degree, sophomore Maggie Quinn credits astrology and the zodiac signs for some similarities between her and the basic traits of the Pisces sign. Quinn agrees with the attributes often affiliated with her sign, the Pisces, which includes being talented, compassionate and understanding, sensitive and receptive, imaginative and other-worldly. She believes that one’s birthdate somewhat relates to personality traits but not necessarily their entire life plan. Her interest in astrology began at a pretty young age.

   “I was seven because my aunt was always into astrology and very interested in it and she told me, ‘Hey you’re a pisces, I’m an aquarius, we’re both water signs’ and I thought that it was really cool so I got into it,” Quinn said.

   She also believes zodiac signs are the reason for strong relationships in her life.

   “My best friend,” Quinn said, “She’s a sagittarius and she definitely lives up to that, she’s very outgoing and very fun and energetic and I feel like that brings out a good side to me.”

   Pisces’ are most compatible with Sagittarius’ and least compatible with Geminis.

Astrology Applied

   Astrology has been around for a long time but is not outdated by any means. Some people today even meet with astrologers before making big decisions regarding changing jobs or moving houses. Astrological studies aren’t neglected when guidance is needed for fiscal, romantic, or health matters.

   Both of the Knowles agree that horoscopes are broad. And not by accident.

   “Even if you didn’t tell a bunch of kids what you were doing and you gave them characteristics, they could actually put themselves in all these different signs,” Mr. Knowles said.

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