Raising Spirits

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Raising Spirits

Photos by PhotoJay Staff

Photos by PhotoJay Staff

Photos by PhotoJay Staff

Photos by PhotoJay Staff

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Jays are glowing bright this week. Court-warming 2017 is here and students are prepared. Spirit week started off with fun dress-up days like PJ day, Mathlete vs. Athlete, Class Colors, USA day and Neon colors.  

  Organizations like StuCco and the Leadership class named the days, trying to make them more simple this year to raise participation. It seemed to work.

PJ Day

  Hundreds of students rolled out of bed Monday morning already dressed for school. To start off the week of Court-warming, it was a favorite that’s been around since elementary school: PJ day.

  “The PJ idea was a pretty big ‘yes’ because we figured that everybody, the student body included, would enjoy dressing comfortably for the school day,”sophomore Jacob Marquis said. “I think it had a great effect, allowing students to realize they are not so different from each other; wanting to wear PJ’s to school.”

  Many different pajamas strolled the halls that day, ranging from silk sets to sweatpants. To some, the students’ clothes might’ve looked similar to every other school day, with a large majority sporting sweatpants or carrying blankets. However, some ambitious students opted to wear slippers, sleeping masks and even full onesies.

Mathlete vs Athlete

  Students celebrated the last day of January by sporting their favorite mathlete or athlete attire. Some real-life athletes dressed the same as they do every day while other students dusted off their suspenders and wore their favorite pair of high waters and white tube socks.

  Junior Molly Day was especially excited to wear her Royals jersey and hat.

  “The theatre kids are going all-out this year, eyeblack included,” Day said.

  The student athletes who just couldn’t pick a side simply split their outfit in half…literally.    

  Junior Briggs Hall was dressed as a mathlete on his left side and an athlete on his right.

  Those more subtly dressed wore shirts from previous Chemathons or state competitions for sports sponsored by the school. Whether a mathlete or an athlete, every student deserves the same amount of acknowledgement. Mathlete vs. Athlete day did just that.

Class Colors

  Walking down the halls Wednesday, students could finally tell which class their fellow students belonged to. Class colors were either worn with blatancy or like it was just another day at school.

Some seniors wore green shorts on this 39-degree day. Pink headbands were displayed by some juniors. The sophomore class wore yellow. A variety of orange t-shirts were seen throughout the freshmen class.

Unfortunately, for any student who decided to wear one of the four colors, not purposely participating in Wednesday’s spirit day, they may have been mistakenly identified as belonging to the wrong grade.

  While this day may not be seen as extravagant as some of the other spirit days, it’s still well liked.

  “I have always loved class color day primarily because green is my favorite color and I like seeing people dressed how I want them to be dressed,” senior Natalie Schaller said.


    Another spirit day during Court-warming week was USA day, which took place Thursday.

  “I think LHS does USA day because it’s a fun, yet fairly simple day,” sophomore Makana Brooks said. “Everyone has something USA-themed. It is a unique spirit day, unlike PJ day, but it doesn’t require kids to have to go out and buy new clothes just for a spirit day. Also, we can cheer on the Blue Jays and celebrate the USA at the same time.”

   This spirit day was one of the most participated in because of its simple requirements. Some people were creative and some were just wearing an American flag t-shirt, but almost everyone joined in on the fun.

   “My favorite part of USA day was seeing the people who wear very patriotic outfits: the US flag bandanas, shirts, hats and more,” Brooks said. “Some people have a lot of patriotic clothes. You can easily go above and beyond for USA day.”

Neon Day

  On Friday, students wore their brightest neon clothes to close out this year’s Court-warming spirit week. Neon leggings with neon running shorts were a staple this year. Some students went for more discreet showing of school spirit by pairing their favorite outfit with a pair of crazy neon socks. Whether one chose to go all-out or be more conservative, the school was surely bright.

  #GlowCrazy has been the theme for Courtwarming for as long as some students can remember.

  “All four years I have been here the theme has always been #GlowCrazy and it’s just cool to keep a tradition going,” senior Claire Dunlap said.

  The tradition of Court-warming survived through the last game at Cokely Field House and has continued into the new field house. Students wear what they wore to school to the game. This year, the $15 ticket to the game was a t-shirt students had to wear to the dance. 

  With a week’s worth of effort to get the student body hyped for the game, it’s no wonder the rest of the evening went so well.

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