Junior Hayden Bracken

Bracken is pushing his way to a prosperous future.

Photo by Richard Burns

Junior Hayden Bracken comes closer to studying for tomorrow’s Algebra test with every step, with every snip and with every push. Bracken’s love of Algebra grew later in life, but from a young age Bracken has always been intrigued with the act of lawn mowing. Bracken has been exposed to lawn mowing for a majority of his midwestern life and slowly grew to love the act while watching his neighbors always outside tending to their grass.

“I always saw my neighbor and dad do it, so I always thought it would be fun,” Bracken said. “I decided to do it, and now I’m pretty into it.”

As his interest slowly grew, a business idea sprung into his head. A lawn mowing business was deemed a perfect idea, with it’s flexible schedule, short hours and his strong interest. Bracken’s business is growing steadily, as his weekends are being bombarded with more gigs and new unknown clients.

“I’m pretty busy with it, I work all weekend and most of the week,”

Hayden’s a great student. He works really hard for me and I’m sure for his other classes. Always eager to do the job that needs to be done.

— Industrial Tech teacher Josh Jacobs

With an overwhelming amount of socializing, work hours and school related activities, it is surprising Bracken is still able to leave an amazing impact on his teachers. “Hayden’s a great student,” Industrial Tech Mr Jacobs said “He works really hard for me and I’m sure for his other classes. Always eager to do the job that needs to be done. I’ve had him in Intro to Woodworking and Advanced Woodworking a couple of times now. Every year he’s definitely improved exponentially. He’s grown a lot in the few years I’ve known him. That’s something I’m really impressed by, just his ability have gotten way better over the last couple of years, so that’s a great sign that he’s working really hard and doing a great job.”

Bracken’s interests are greatly influenced off of important people in his life and are aimed toward helping others.

“I might study fire safety, when I get older. I might be a firefighter. That’s what my grandpa and father did.”  Bracken said.

Besides schoolwork and keeping up socially, Bracken’s only challenge is Mother Nature herself.

Photo by Brynna Namanny

“In the Midwest, events with very heavy rainfall increased by 37% from 1958 to 2012.” Cory Wouters from Missouri Business Alert said. “The heaviest rainfall events have become heavier and more frequent, and the amount of rain falling on the heaviest rain days has also increased.” Extreme Weather said.

“When it rains’ and I can’t work. It gets pretty stressful because it just adds more on to the next day,” Bracken said.

Even with a full schedule everyday, Bracken is still able to find the time to socialize with his friends.

“He’s a good friend, he’ll put you before himself,” junior Taylor Coonrod said.

His teachers are amazed by his abilities, but it seems even the school itself has left an impression on him.

“The school’s good, the clubs are impressive,” Bracken said, “All the teachers are super nice and helpful if you need it. I enjoy it.”