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History Teacher Ellen Meade

Photo by Kaleigh McCarthy

Rosie Frederick

March 5, 2020

Freshman Landon Carrillo “Mrs. Meade’s teaching is different from everyone else because she has a way of interacting with people, it puts everyone in a good mood. Especially with all the stories she’s told. It’s kind of cool because every story she tells she links back to the topi...

Senior Saryn Powell

Photo by Kaleigh McCarthy

Ethan Atkins

March 2, 2020

“When I started orchestra, I absolutely hated it,” senior Saryn Powell said. “The music was way too hard and I was the only freshman in my class. It really sucked.” But now, she loves it. In fact, today orchestra is a really important part of her life. She started playing the vio...

Junior Elvin Binagi

Photo by Alyssa Griffith

Sarah Blankenship

March 2, 2020

Spanish is more than just a language to junior Elvin Binagi. It’s now a major part of his life and school career. Binagi started learning Spanish in eighth grade and his love for the language grew. He is currently running the National Honor Society. Those four years taking Spanish have help...

Sophomore Jericho Frigon

Photo by Alyssa Griffith

Jade Garbani

March 2, 2020

Life and soccer are somewhat similar. People try to reach and make goal after goal. There are obstacles but people push through and get around them. Sophomore Jericho Frigon lives that life in both ways. “Growing up I’ve always been the smallest on my team so I’ve always had to work a ...

Freshman Mako Chirisa

Photo by Hattie Ludwig

Shane Bass

March 2, 2020

When freshman Mako Chirisa dove into the pool at his first meet, he felt an energy that pushed him to finish the 50 free, one of his favorite events, as best he could. For him, it’s not about where he placed in the meet, but instead, it was about the hard work and dedication it took to get t...

History Teacher Damon Jasperson

Photo by Pearl Pritchard

Lucas Kilgore

February 13, 2020

Sophomore Carver Channey “He teaches in a more focused way. He jokes around with us and does a lot of different activities like guided notes. He’s more relaxed than other teachers and he gives kids more leniency than other teachers. He compares the information to modern-day situational politics.” Sophomo...

And the Oscar Goes To…

Photo by Alyssa Griffith

Caroline Parry

February 12, 2020

Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Grammy’s, all mean one thing: it is award season. My family doesn’t really watch these award shows, but we always look at the “what happened that night” on the morning news. Though I am not a huge fan of music awards, I love the ones with movies. The ...

Senior Phillip Cleary

Photo by Emma McDonald

Ethan Atkins

February 11, 2020

Cross country is a big part of Senior Phillip Cleary’s life. He started his journey during freshman year when the seed for running was planted. “I was a soccer player freshman year, and I liked soccer but I wasn’t that great at it,” Cleary said. “I enjoyed it, but I was discovering that...

Junior Anastasia Reed-Comeaux

Photo by Pearl Pritchard

Jenna Henderson

February 11, 2020

Junior Anastasia Reed-Comeaux is soaring through high school leaving no page unturned. She describes herself as a hands-on learner. This may be a reason this is her second year in Technology Student Association (TSA.) “My favorite thing about TSA is that it’s challenging,” Reed-Comeaux said. “...

Sophomore Brady Matherly

Photo by Hannah Mayfield

Derek Katzer

February 10, 2020

The dream of doing what you love is enough to overwhelm anyone. Many, unable to bite down and swallow their fears, the dream stays a dream. Sophomore Brady Matherly did not let fear stop them. By using his ambition and passion, Matherly cheers competitively and for LHS, runs his own business...

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