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Sophomore Thea Einerson

High-achieving student leads as Sophomore Class President.
Story by Hannah Thompson


The pressure is on for Sophomore Thea Einerson, leading the STUCO meetings. During these meetings, she speaks with confidence and control. Containing feelings of enjoyment, she is working with great sponsors and cabinet members on their next major project – Courtwarming. 

   Einerson has also already taken charge of planning big events like Safe Halloween and the hygiene drive for our school.

   “I balance my other activities and being class president mainly by using my time wisely and having support from the people around me,” Einerson said.

   She meets with STUCO almost every single Wednesday at 7:15. She also will take extra time outside school to decorate or prepare for certain events.  The Sophomore class is responsible for different events including the Sophomore Commitment to Excellence Ceremony, which is in place for the ring ceremony and has the purpose of “tying” Sophomores to LHS for the next 3 years. Sophomores also plan hygiene drives and courtwarming. 

     “I decided to run for student council because I love being involved in the community and had good experiences with student council in the past,” Einerson said.  

   Einerson was a cabinet member in STUCO her freshman year as well. This helped her process of becoming sophomore class president which starts with running for class cabinet in April. Once Thea was voted into the cabinet, the sponsors had a conversation about who would be the best leader, and then she was elected president. The process of getting involved next year should be similar for Einerson, and so will her responsibilities like being able to represent her class and work with a team.  

    “She’s organized, she’s approachable, she has a willingness to listen but then also act,”  Stuco sponsor Jessica King said,  “She doesn’t just say, she puts things in motion.”

    These traits of Thea’s came from her family. Her dad takes charge by coaching high school soccer. “I am also the oldest of four kids so I have always been the leader of the kids in my family,” Einerson said. This makes her a fantastic leader for the sophomore class. She takes initiative and brings new and interesting ideas to the table. 

   “She’s very responsible and is super kind to everyone, she’s always willing to help the group and take on tasks other people wouldn’t normally do.” Sophomore student council vice president Abigail Mota said. 

  Einerson is also dedicated to club soccer with practices four times a week and playing in two games a weekend, totaling about six hours of soccer each week. Her club is KC Fusion Pre-Academy 07, but she also participates in school soccer in the fall. As class president, organization and time management are essential. Einerson must prepare to help guide her team to help lead the school.  “I also admire how scheduled and organized she is when it comes to dates and event planning, even at meetings she always writes everything down and has a calendar for all of it which really helps and is part of why she also has a good work ethic,” Mota said, “I couldn’t ask for a better president to have,”  

Story by Courtesy of Thea Anderson

   Einerson enjoys getting involved in different groups to connect to our school like orchestra. also taken part in orchestra since fifth grade. She plays the violin during school every day. However, outside school hours are also required. She spends fifteen to thirty minutes practicing daily, about three hours a week.

  The Courtwarming dance is the homecoming of basketball season, so StuCo puts it at the top of its priority list. Thea benefits from leading this advocacy. Taking charge of Courtwarming gives Einerson experience that will help her in leading bigger projects in the future.  “Courtwarming is kind of like an opportunity to grow their leadership skills to prepare them for their junior year which they will plan prom and then their senior year in which they kind of oversee homecoming,” King said.

  Courtwarming is February 15th from 8-10 pm. You can buy tickets before school and at lunch during Courtwarming, which is from February 12th to the 15th. You can also buy tickets at the door of the dance.   “Having to plan and organize events like dances and community events are good life skills that I will be able to use in the future,” Einerson said.  

   Einerson looks to her future in STUCO. She plans on running for class cabinet in the spring because of her love for activities in the council. She also admires the sponsors and other students who are participating in StuCo. Students can get involved by running for their class cabinet in the spring as well.

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