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The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

Bianka Mancia

Bianka Mancia, Reporter

   Freshman Bianka Castillo has joined the newspaper staff this year as a reporter. She first got inspire to join because of her love for reading a writing. 

“I enjoy writing a lot because it will help me for my future in school and work,” Castillo said.
  She has plans to become a film producer and some day go to college. She is always striving to be the best she can be in all aspects of her life.  

“I really want to be a film producer writing scripts so I decided to join newspaper,” Castillo said.
  Castillo has many hobbies that she participate inside and outside of school. She likes to use her creativity in both music and sports. 

“I really like to play basketball, and I also play the viola for our orchestra,” Castillo said. 

   Her love for writing has pushed her to not only join newspaper but be inspired to write about whats shes passionate about. 

“Usually its current things happening in my life that motivate me to write about it or similar experiences,” Castillo said.  

   Her motivation inside and outside of newspaper roots from her parents who constantly 

inspired for.  

 “My parents inspire me because they came from not a really wealthy place and now your in a really good city and that makes me very inspired,” Castillo said.

All content by Bianka Mancia
In March 2022, senior Hayden Bracken (pictured) and LHS alum Trevor White created a table made from the remains of a tree which had long stood outside of Franklin Elementary School.
“I thought the table was a great way to utilize the lumber. I requested him to make something big, rather than cut the wood up into a bunch of smaller pieces, and it turned out great,” teacher Josh Jacobs said.

Rooted in Liberty

Bianka Mancia, Reporter
February 2, 2023
Early in the morning of    Nov. 17, members of Chamber and Symphonic Orchestra performed songs for local news station KSHB TV. Among the participants was freshman Carmen Tang, a violinist who started her musical journey in fifth grade. “I wasn’t sure if I was good enough or as good as the senior upper-classmen but all i              all-in-all I was proud of my performance,” Tang said.

Seasonal Sounds

Bianka Mancia, Reporter
January 9, 2023
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