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Kate Biesmeyer

Kate Biesmeyer, Reporter

   Gazing at a swoon worthy sunset and glistening lake while taking in the voices of those who’ve held her hand through good times and bad, sophomore Kate Biesemeyer, settles into a new year with more passion and creativity than she once started off with. 

   A profound love for literature and friends caused Biesemeyer to become one of the newest reporters of the LHS Bell. Along with her adoration of language arts, Biesemeyer has close bonds with some members of the LHS Color Guard Her fellow reporter and guard member, Jenna Shores, had a great influence in the decision-making process.

   “My friends are really important to me and I love being around them,”  Biesemeyer said. “I feel like without Guard or Newspaper, I wouldn't be able to see my friends’ day to day”

   Though her friends have a large impact on Biesemeyer’s life, she won’t differ from her dream of going to University Missouri and moving to Minnesota to become an Editor-in-Chief of a newspaper. 

   “Authors obviously have different tones with how they write, that can influence a certain group of people,” Biesemeyer said. “I think that that's a really great power to have, but sometimes it can be put in the wrong hands and influence people in the wrong way. I want to be an outlet of good writing, that kind of brings the best out of people.”

   Biesemeyer has an amazing passion for the writing and editing process and how it can affect individuals. She sees how the power good storytelling has over the public and plans to use that power for the good of humanity.

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   Junior Katie Wohletz waves her flag under the Friday night lights during the halftime performance. When Wohletz joined the Color Guard in eighth grade she gained an untouchable love for the sport. “Color Guard means the world to me, I love it. We call it the sport of the arts and I love it with my entire heart. So I always try to do my best in it to achieve new things I didn’t think were possible,” Wohletz said.

Junior Katie Wohletz

Kate Biesmeyer, Reporter
January 9, 2023
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Kate Biesmeyer