Last but not Least…

Cross country coach Jordan English shares diverse enjoyable moments in his life.

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Last but not Least…

Photo by Morgan Clark

Photo by Morgan Clark

Photo by Morgan Clark

Photo by Morgan Clark

Victoria McCoy

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Jordan English – Head Cross Country Coach

Last Perfect Day Off

The last day of summer. A long bike ride, a nap and not going to work.

Last Time I Was Impressed

The effort the runners show during races is really impressive. They take big risks in the middle of races and sometimes the risks pay off and sometimes they don’t.

Last Moment of Bliss

When I went on a run this morning. I love morning runs. That’s time where I get to be alone or do something I really want to do.

Last Moment of Pride

When I go home my son wants to wrestle. He looks at me with a funny and agressive face and says, ‘Daddy Wrestle.’

Last Time I Was Moved to Tears

The passing of Coach Nixon has made the season really hard. This is my first time doing Cross Country without him.

Last Time I Felt Alive

I always feel really good when I’m on a run. It clears my thoughts and clears my mind. With busy Cross Country stuff and being busy at home with kids, it’s nice to have that space to feel alive.

Last Time I Couldn’t Stop Smiling

Nick Riedel has times when he can’t stop smiling or laughing, which makes me laugh. He couldn’t stop smiling while listening to a basic workout. It’s a little contagious moment.

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