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Freshman Jonathan Fang

Photo by MaryAnn Johnson

Danny Johnston

February 6, 2019

   What happens when seven instruments, music composition and multimedia editing come together? Some would say, freshman Jonathan Fang. Although Fang has an undeniable multi-faceted personality and an eagerness to travel and experience all that life has to offer, it is nearly impossible not to ackno...

Sophomore Sarah Shores

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Emma Stauffer

February 6, 2019

   A girl huddles over a desk in her bedroom, a pencil gripped tightly in her fist. In front of her lies a piece of paper. Gundam, the girl’s favorite show, plays in the background. One of the show’s main characters is coming to life on the paper as the girl sketches. As she draws, she finds her...

Xin Nian Kuai Le

Chinese teacher Shianguu Hsieh encourages senior Liam Arciga and freshmen Kora Wiedmaier and Audrey Fulkerson to try new Chinese foods in his classroom on February 5. Photo by Mercedes Peck

Derek Katzer

February 6, 2019

    Amid the plain blue and white sky, green grass, pink cherry blossoms and gray concrete, one color is everywhere in China. One could find this color by looking up, on the lanterns, brightly illuminating the sky. The color red can be found everywhere throughout China from February 5-19, all to cel...

Junior Drake Parker

Photo by Kylee Williams

Alyah Craig

February 5, 2019

   If you combine a theatre fanatic with a video game lover and add in some artistic ability, then you would be envisioning junior Drake Parker in a nutshell.    Parker has been interested in theatre for about four years and is involved in Competitive Theater and Readers Theater. Having participa...


Photo by Emma McDonald

Haley Stephenson

February 4, 2019

   In high school, a place full of societal and peer pressures, it is important for students to discuss ways to form good habits they will carry for the rest of their lives. At LHS, this knowledge and awareness starts with the newly formed FRESH club.    “FRESH stands for Finding Reasons to Exercise ...

Senior David Tucker

Photo by Kylee Williams

Rachel Reiter

January 31, 2019

   Picture a little boy peeking under the couch, around the chair, and under the cushions. He’s looking for the final piece to his dinosaur puzzle, but it’s nowhere to be found. His fingers rummage through the thick carpet, searching for the missing section of the puzzle. Now in high school, s...

Losing CTRL

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Derek Katzer, Ashley Tindall, and Haley Stephenson

January 31, 2019

   From toddlers being tucked away with tablets to teenagers scrolling through Instagram, a rise in human-device interaction has become normal. Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2005, have been born into a world of laptops, WiFi and smartphones. Generation Z, also appropriately referred to as iG...

Freshman Abby Schuele

Photo by Emma McDonald

Mallory Fee

January 28, 2019

Bright lights illuminate freshman Abby Schuele as she gracefully twists and turns on the ice. Her figure skates slice an icy path while she dances on the ice. Every jump is done with what looks like perfect ease and the clack of metal on ice echoes upon her landing. Being a kid from Minnesota, it ...

Sophomore Javin Shaw

Photo by Mara Fryer

Taylor Jacobs

January 28, 2019

   A determined sophomore, Javin Shaw, loves being cheered on by his fellow teammates.    He has been playing basketball since third grade, and is the shooting guard and small forward for his varsity and junior varsity team.    “I enjoy playing basketball because I like the brotherhood of it,” S...

Junior Oli McCann

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Sydni Meyer

January 28, 2019

   Junior Oli McCann’s training shouts echo throughout the building as she practices Tae Kwon Do at Liberty’s Pak’s Academy.    McCann has been doing it since she was 4 years old and she loves it.    “In seventh grade I was sparring with another kid who had his guard down low. I remind...

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