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Sadie Watkins, Reporter

Freshman Sadie Watkins is ready to put her creativity to use as a member of The Bell.

   Freshman Sadie Watkins is excited for the new experiences of high school, and especially whatever she comes across as a reporter for The Bell. 

   Watkins decided to apply for staff after she was recommended for it in eighth grade. Her parents encouraged her to join, and she felt she would be a good fit. 

  “I felt like it was something I should do and that I would really enjoy it,” Watkins said. “I felt like I could spread awareness and write stories for the students.” 

   She is looking forward to having her work published for the staff and students of LHS to read.

   “I am really excited in this class to write my first story and go through the whole process of interviewing and being able to have all of my work written down for everyone to see,” Watkins said. “You get to write all of these things for school, but most of the time it’s only the teacher that gets to see it.” 

   Watkins enjoys being able to express her creativity in her writing, cooking, and baking. Aside from those hobbies, she likes reading books in the dystopian genre. 

   And even though Watkins is a self proclaimed introvert, she also considers herself an introvert that has no problem “fighting for what she desires.” 

   “Once I want something, I go for it,” Watkins said. “I really put everything I have into it right at that moment.”


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Sadie Watkins