Pink Out Fallout

The pink-out game allowed girls be in the front row and raised money for a good cause.


   (Liberty, MO)– The student section was painted pink at the football game against Blue Springs South on Oct 21. The ending score was 38-14 leaving the Jays with a loss heading into playoffs. The theme of this game was pink out, in honor of breast cancer awareness. 

   The student leadership made unique shirts to celebrate awareness. Also, female students were welcomed at the front of the student section for the first time to honor breast cancer survivors and patients. The bell polled 11 students on about 62% of women said they would be sitting at the front when traditionally, they’d be behind the male students in the front. 

   “I think the seating change will be good,” senior Tanner Hudnall said, “there will be more diversity in who sits where.” 

   There were mixed opinions on this new seating arrangement, for not only this game, but others in the past, traditionally, the male students take the front row, but this game especially struck controversy about weather tradition should be followed or broken. 

   “I think it would be more fun to have mixed gender in the front,” sophomore Thu Pham said, “guys can also get breast cancer.”

   According to the American Cancer Association, only about 1% of men get breast cancer. Although the number of male cancer patients is low, many male and female students believe they should have still been able to sit at the front at the pink out game. Others believed that this was a change for the better, seeing different people in the front row cheering on the football team. 

   “It’s more impactful if girls show the majority of breast cancer awareness,” Pham said, “this was one of the only games that the girls got to sit in the front.”

   Although there was controversy, this didn’t stop the Jays from having a good game.

   The Jays ended the first quarter with a lead over the Panthers, 7-3. Senior Anthony Wenson scored the first touchdown securing a lead, with only seconds until the start of the second quarter. 

   Beginning the second quarter, the Jays started with the ball. Getting some great runs by Winson, and touchdown 20 of the season. Only one minute into the second quarter and Winson gets a great run into the end zone, for another touchdown making the score 14-3 jays.

   Unfortunately, this lead did not last long. The Jaguars got a big break when their quarterback threw a 15-yard pass to a wide-open receiver who ran a total of 45 yards. While the Jays were able to hold off for a few seconds, the Jaguars soon scored their first touchdown, making the score 14-10 Jays. The momentum of the play and touchdown brought Blue Springs South to the win, scoring three more touchdowns in the second quarter alone. The Jaguars ended up scoring twice more in the third, and none in the fourth. By the end of the game, the Jays had only scored twice in the first quarter. The game ended with the score being 38-14 Jaguars

   Overall, the student section was bright, with new faces in the front, some controversy from the student section and mass amounts of pink. To keep up with the student section, you can follow them on social media @lhspiritsection on Instagram.