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Chloe Franklin

Chloe Franklin, Reporter

    Sophomore Reporter Chloe Franklin is no stranger to newspaper. After all, her sister, Caty Franklin, was on staff for all three years of high school, finishing her senior year as the managing editor and A&E section editor. In fact, Franklin said that was one of her reasons for joining staff.

    “I joined newspaper because my older sister did it all three years of high school and she said it was fun,” Franklin said. “She also said she made a lot of connections with the people there and I like writing so I thought I’d give it a try.”

    Outside of school, Franklin plays tennis, is a member of StuCo and has been playing the piano for the past six years. Another reason Franklin chose the class was due to the small size, figuring that it would be easier to make relationships with everyone there as opposed to some of the other journalism classes. 

    “I like that everyone seems so comfortable with each other and are able to make jokes and mess around but also get work done,” Franklin said.

    Franklin’s goal for the school year is to achieve a 4.0 GPA for a second year in a row and she hopes that newspaper can help improve some of her punctuation and grammar skills along the way. Franklin states that she plans to take newspaper after this year and hopefully get more involved in the future.

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Chloe Franklin