BEATing Hearts

Three students share their experiences and relationships with music.

Senior Alex Fuhrman, Senior Alex Tiefel and Freshman Tazu Sumpter with their instruments of choice. There are opportunities available for students to let their artistic creativity flow, such as the availability of instruments which many students are using to practice with and make music.

   Sitting in a soundproof room with an instrument, microphone, about to perform or publish a first ever song or even a new hit is what many and a lot of young high school Musicians future dreams or hopes are. 

   According to the University of Michigan, 40% of high school students are involved in music. Senior Alexander Fuhrman, junior Alex Tiefel and freshman Tazu Sumpter are clear examples of the passion music holds and creates in people’s lives 

   “Passion musicians outnumber every other category of musicians because a vast majority of people who are into music (singing and playing an instrument) are basically doing it out of passion,.” says company HearandPlay. 

  Many of these musicians found inspiration in a mentor like their parents who can read sheet music and also play a variety of instruments such as guitar and drums. 

   “My dad was a drummer and he always had a drum set in our house,” Alexander Furhman said “I would played on it ever since I was two years old.” 

    Furhman has been professionally involved in music for about eight years now playing in The Liberty pride and guard band, and his dad’s rock band “Thunder Jacket”. Furhman prefer to play rock and drum line since “It makes people happy,” and also “sounds really cool,” 

     “Being a musician is somebody who actually listens to all kinds of music. “someone who just listens to one kind of music is not or should not be considered a musician,” said Furhman.

    Furhman works small gigs both inside and outside of school such as performing at graduation parties when asked.

“I just want to play in my free time, ” said Furhman. “If I can hit big, it would be really cool,” 

   Tifel has also been playing things such as french horn, trumpet, mellophone and choir since 6th grade at Discovery Middle School.  He is in the Liberty High School marching band and plays during the football games.  

Tifel plans to play at Pleasant Valley Baptist church, as well as playing every year at union station with his private teacher. 

    “Learning how to play an instrument is very difficult and becoming proficient is even more so,” said Tiefel.

  “Learning how to play an instrument is very difficult and becoming proficient is even more so,” said Tiefel.

   Sumpter plays the guitar, sings, writes and creates his own music; he posts most of his playing on his Instagram @tazoo_the_kazoo

  “About 2.5 years ago my mom gave me a guitar and I was like: ‘oh yeah sure i’ll play,” Sumpter said. “Success is definitely not something you need to be a musician at all, it’s just being able to play and put your thoughts out there.”  

  Sumpter uses his emotions, thoughts, and feelings to create music or write “The most common emotion for me is sadness or love, I’ve made a lot of little things in those times that came easy from how strong the emotion was.” says Sumpter  “I’d have to say I’m proud I have been able to put my real feelings in my music,”

   Most of these musicians plan to continue with music in the future, Tifel hopes to earn scholarships through music, Sumpter plans to take his music around the US and maybe even join a band, and Fuhrman hopes to enjoy music as a fun hobby he can do. Still none of them plan to leave their experiences in playing nor joy behind.