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I is for Influential

Photo by Jacob Jimenez

Danny Johnston, Zahra Khan, and Sidney Lowry

April 1, 2019

Students look up to other strong men and women in their community for inspiration and influence. There are many influential women and role models around the world, but there’s also a group of women at LHS who influence their students. Counselor Nikki Duncan After going through meetings and answering ...

Revoke my Man Card

Photo by Chrystian Noble

Joey O'Kelly

February 26, 2019

   Do you identify as a male? Are you sick and tired of being told to “be a man,” when showing signs of weakness, femininity, or emotions in general? If so, you may be experiencing toxic masculinity.    Toxic masculinity is a problematic idea promoted by everybody’s B.F.F., the patriarchy. The ter...

Do teens know how to leave dangerous relationships?

Daisy Smith

February 26, 2019

Staff Vote - Yes: 0, No: 24 Before tackling this question, The Bell staff defined what a dangerous dating relationship is. It is a relationship that can be damaging to a person’s physical or mental health. This could come in the form of physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and anything in b...

What is Love

Photo by Arianna Gonzalez

Mallory Fee, Daisy Smith, and Delaney Tarpley

February 26, 2019

     “I have always been a romantic, so when I met a girl and she asked me out I said yes in a moment,” junior Izzie Bates said. “Shortly after we started dating she started getting very creepy and hurtful, she made me feel like I was lucky to be with her because the relationship betwe...

Finding the Future

Photo by Chrystian Noble

Paige Twenter

February 20, 2019

   It isn’t yet time to sing “What Time Is It” from High School Musical 2, but for us seniors counting down the days - 71 more to go! - fears of the unknown are spread in all directions. There are many unanswered questions following the day the seniors class will all be in the same room for the ...

Losing CTRL

Photo by Kaley Hamilton

Derek Katzer, Ashley Tindall, and Haley Stephenson

January 31, 2019

   From toddlers being tucked away with tablets to teenagers scrolling through Instagram, a rise in human-device interaction has become normal. Generation Z, those born between 1995 and 2005, have been born into a world of laptops, WiFi and smartphones. Generation Z, also appropriately referred to as iG...

Are we Addicted to Technology?

Ashley Tindall

January 29, 2019

Computers, phones, televisions and radios are things that almost every student deals with on a regular basis. They are pieces of technology that have worked their way into being a constant feature of most students’ lives. Technology in this case is any electronic device, including machines, that have a s...

Blue Christmas

Photo by Mara Fryer

Joey O'Kelly

January 15, 2019

   It’s finally here – the season we’ve been waiting for all year. The snow is falling (congratulations, seniors), the radio stations are playing Christmas music 24/7 – much to the demise of retail workers - and people’s bank accounts are slowly draining as they buy gifts for their loved ones...

Actual deer, no Headlights

Photo by Joey O'Kelly

Paige Twenter

January 14, 2019

   I got pulled over recently.    Honestly, I didn’t fully realize or even register what was going on. As I was turning into my destination, I saw flashing lights behind me, but no siren. My eyes widened. My heart dropped. These lights were meant for me. One minute, I was driving to go get ice cre...

Are college-level classes worth it?

Paige Hodges

December 17, 2018

Staff Vote Yes: 21    No: 3 LHS students are fortunate to go to a school with an endless number of opportunities available, however, those opportunities come with their own set of pressures. Some of the school’s most prized options are Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual Credit classes, which are be...

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