Uniting From A Distance

The nation becomes more of a united front during this unfortunate time.

Paige Hodges

It’s no secret that this country’s political and social climate is both historically and currently divisive. Since the Coronavirus outbreak and changes that have occurred so far, I’ve seen a drastic change in the tone of what American’s express. 

Almost every person and their momma’s momma is voicing their opinion on COVID-19. Although each opinion or coping mechanism is slightly different, there are a few topics that are proving to be universal.

 If you look on social media you’ll immediately see that the majority understands that everyone is supposed to be quarantined and following all guidelines for the ‘Stay At Home’ order (whether everyone is actually doing so is unconfirmed).  Most of all, they realize that everyone is a part of making history and unfortunately more people are becoming victims to that Coronavirus every day.

It’s these realizations that seem to be bringing everyone closer together. In the past few weeks I’ve seen so many positive posts, which is the exact opposite of what I normally see on my timeline. I’ve seen amazing stories about health officials’ daily acts of love, people using dance to spread positivity, or humor to keep everyone laughing, and people donating to keep hope alive.

Photo by Ashley Ritter

These kinds of social media posts are what I love to see highlighted and I don’t want to go away. Regardless of what you identify with (race, political party, etc.) , one thing is true, we all need to be able to lean on our neighbors. 

We all need each other to endure what else COVID-19 will bring. I want people to use this time to practice empathy, selflessness, and service. Not only for now when it’s easier to see the negative effect of a virus that is plaguing everyone, but also when it’s harder to detect help needed outside of your home. 

Practice for months down the road when problems are more isolated and targeted towards specific groups. Exercising the skills that come with empathy, selflessness, and service will open your eyes and heart in unimaginable ways. 

Maybe this way America won’t need a tragedy to evoke unification or need a pandemic to bring attention to the importance of many things that should be common practice. Let’s all keep growing closer together and eliminate the divide, but not the divide between you and outside because everyone should only be leaving to get essential items.