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Ari Revella, Reporter

 Senior Ari Revella took his passion to the next level. Revella is a proud writer for the Projector Collective, along with twelve other music enthusiasts from the United State and United Kingdom. Revella and his fellow music journalists have a website that hosts their album reviews and think pieces. 

   “I’m really proud of it,” Revella said. “We have about 70 reviews up right now. We put out really quality stuff.”

   But it doesn’t just stop there for Revella; he has big plans for the future of Projector Collective and his coming legacy in the music industry. He imagines his editorials being read by music listeners across the country. Revella not only wants to make an effect, but long lasting change in the industry. 

   “[I want] to release album reviews, compilations, and deep dives that make people say ‘Wow, I never thought of that artist in that way,’ or ‘Wow, I never listened to that album before, that sounds cool,’” Revella said. 

  Along with his love of music, his love of writing has made him a great fit for The Bell.

   “I’ve loved music my entire life, so it was just putting two and two together.”


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Ari Revella