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   To everyone, Shane Bass is a relaxed and easy-going guy who is on the school

football team. What many don’t know is that he is hard at work being the Ads Manager

for The Bell.

  Starting off as just a reporter, Bass has worked his way up to an important role on


  “I originally joined because it seemed like a fun class,” Bass said. “Everyone is fun to

be around and I really like being in the class.”

  Outside of newspaper and school, Bass enjoys working out, playing video games, and

reading. Some of those things may lead Bass to procrastinate, but don’t we all?

  “Three words I would use to describe myself would be a procrastinator, nice, and

thoughtful,” Bass said.

  Even though he might be a procrastinator at times, Bass plans on making a big impact

on the paper this year.

   “This year I hope to help the newspaper come up with more engaging stories and

have a wider range of the student body be more involved with The Bell,” Bass said.

“Overall though, I want to make sure the newspaper gets good awards at state as well.”

  Regardless of Bass’s love for the newspaper, he has a greater love for history.

  “Aside from newspaper, I really like history and would like to eventually become a

historian,” Bass said. “After high school I want to attend LSU and major in history.”


Shane Bass, Ads Editor

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