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The school news site of Liberty High School

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The school news site of Liberty High School

LHS News

Connor Rizek

Connor Rizek, Reporter

   Freshman Connor Rizek is a new reporter for the bell. His cousin Sarah, former EIC, advised him to join the class. He’s found it to be exciting already in his first week.  

   “I like the class a lot so far, the people all seem very interesting and the environment seems cool,” Rizek said. 

   Rizek looks forward to joining The Bell, and all the responsibilities that align the position. 

   “I look forward to interviewing and getting to know people,” Rizek said. “As well as learning more about our school.”

   Diving into the news, Rizek’s interests look toward marine biology. He hopes to head in the marine biology direction after high school too. 

   “I would preferably like to be a marine biologist and skills like interviewing is something I could take away from the class, to help interview other marine biologists the skill would be very helpful,” Rizek said. 

   As a reporter, students help deliver local news to their classmates, teachers, and community. The position itself is very valuable. 

   “I think it is important for people to know what is going on, or whenever they may see something they are not as surprised because they read about it,” Rizek said. 

   When Rizek isn’t in school, he enjoys his extracurriculars and working to make himself better at them.

   “I like to workout and hang out with friends as well as getting better at the sports I participate in, football and rugby,” Rizek said.

   Rizek is optimistic for the class and to see how he can help contribute in a positive way. 

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