Sophomore Javin Shaw

Sophomore Javin Shaw’s future career in basketball and criminal justice.

Taylor Jacobs

   A determined sophomore, Javin Shaw, loves being cheered on by his fellow teammates.

   He has been playing basketball since third grade, and is the shooting guard and small forward for his varsity and junior varsity team.

   “I enjoy playing basketball because I like the brotherhood of it,” Shaw said. “Coming in, practicing every day and just working hard. We’re all cheering each other on and it’s like a second family.”

   There have been many forces encouraging Shaw to play basketball, such as his height and his idol, NBA basketball player Russell Westbrook.

   “It’s the way Westbrook carries himself off the court and handles his business on the court. He’s a composed person, he’s humble and he helps out whenever he can, like charity events,” Shaw said.

   Though he loves basketball and wants to continue it in college, Shaw plans to go down the career path of criminal justice.

   With a goal of getting a Division 1 scholarship and a full ride for Missouri State, he wants to be a part of a SWAT team or the FBI.

   “I want to go into criminal justice because I would like to help people who are in need, and I would also like to work with others to make the world a better place, day by day,” Shaw said. “When I was thinking about what I wanted to do in the future, I thought about something that would be enjoyable or exciting and something I would look forward to doing in my everyday life. With the branch of criminal justice I am planning on going in, it allows me to do both work with others as a brotherhood and also help others who are in need.”

   His friend, sophomore Keaton O’Connor, believes Shaw can achieve what he wants.

   “Javin has a good work ethic, so if he puts his mind to something, I feel like he’ll accomplish his goals,” O’Connor said. “If he wants to do something with criminal justice, I know he’ll get the position he wants because he’ll work for it.”

   His AVID teacher, Marla Badalucco, agrees.

   “Javin is a hard worker, he’s charismatic, he’s loud,” Badalucco said. “People seem to be drawn to him in the class.”

   While he is a hard worker, others see Shaw as a funny person who can joke around with the rest of his classmates.

   “Javin is goofy,” O’Connor said. “He’s always happy and in a good mood.”