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Merry Skit-Mas

Unique troupe of students brings improv to life.

Photo by Chrystian Noble

Photo by Chrystian Noble

Photo by Chrystian Noble

Marcus Myvett

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The musicals and plays aren’t the only shows going on at LHS. An improv group, Exit 1-6, also displays their skills of improv on stage almost every last Thursday of each month. Exit 1-6 was founded about 20 years ago and the current sponsor, ELA teacher Chuck Zavos, has been the sponsor for two years.

“Exit 1-6 is really about how to entertain and show the power on improv,” Zavos said. “It’s a craft that is applicable to all careers, the ability to work in a group and think on your feet. Students also do this to raise money to attend improv shows in Chicago in the spring.”

No club can be started just by a sponsor, but it must have committed students. The eight members, including Junior Zach Moorefield, love it.

“My favorite thing about Exit 1-6 is probably that you can just be yourself, and if that doesn’t work, you can be someone else,” Moorefield said. “It’s really easy for me to be either of those things and I have a really fun time doing it.”

Moorefield said it’s a good way for him to use all his energy, which relieves stress.

Sophomore Fiona Burroughs is the only underclassman on Exit 1-6 and she really enjoys the games they play.

“I really like Forward and Reverse,” Burroughs said. “It’s where a scene is happening and whoever is running the game decides when they want the scene to keep going or reverse, so you have to remember everything you said.”

Both Moorefield and Burroughs are in their first year of Exit 1-6. They said the audition process was stressful, but worth it in the end.

“I was really nervous because there were times where I realized that I was way too stressed out because of this and I should just be myself.” Moorefield said.

“They had us do small improv things, like warmups for the first night,” Burroughs said. “The second night we did actual games to see how we would interact with other people.”

This year marks Troy Savaiano’s third year with Exit 1-6 but he said he’s not getting tired of it any time soon.

“My favorite thing about Exit 1-6 is probably the family atmosphere we have with each other,” Savaiano said. “I love the people in the club. I look forward to going to the practices and doing the shows because I get to perform with people I enjoy being around.”

Zavos said that even though it’s a lot of work, he still enjoys being the sponsor.

“They all bring their own strengths,” Zavos said. “Some are applicable in the show and some help out to prep for shows. It’s a fun thing to watch them grow as performers and work with each other to create.”

Photo by Mercedes Peck

There is one specific memory of working with the club that stands out to Zavos.

“One of my favorite memories from last year’s crew was going to Chicago and having one member being a smart aleck during the show. The improv troupe pulled him up on stage and he finished the show with them. It was great fun for all of us.”

Not only is Zavos grateful for the club, so is sophomore Michayla Johnston. She said she loves how crazy it gets and that the different skits they do are really funny.

“Whenever you go watch them, you don’t know what to expect,” Johnson said. “They always keep you on your toes.”

All three Exit 1-6 members encourage the student body to come to their next show. The theme will be an Alumni show, where past members of Exit 1-6 will come and perform skits with current members. The show will be on December 19 at 7:00 in the Little Theater.

Interested in joining Exit 1-6 next year?

See Club Sponsor Chuck Zavos in Room 609.

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Merry Skit-Mas