Hungry Jacks

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Hungry Jacks

Liz Gammon

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Human vs. Pancakes, a war that has been going on for decades. On one side hot, syrupy pancakes. On the other side are the hungry lumberjacks that look to devour them. Every Friday at 7 AM the lumberjacks head off to room 609 to eat. The mission is to lower the population of the flapjacks by eating a total of over 5000 pancakes.

In the morning ELA and creative writing teacher Chuck Zavos sets out griddles and mixes pancake batter for Lumberjack Club. As soon as the smell of fresh pancakes wafts through the hallways, kids come running in. Students come and go, some staying in to talk or eat more pancakes and some grabbing breakfast really quick and rushing out the door.

Freshman Moroni Lehnardt is the creator of Lumberjack Club.

“Lumberjack Club is a place for people to come and eat pancakes,” freshman Moroni Lehnardt said, “because everyone needs pancakes.”

Lumberjack Club started off unsure at first due to how different of an idea it was.

As soon as Lumberjack Club was in effect, people signed up to help demolish the pancakes. The club contains mostly freshman though anyone is welcome to join or just pop in for pancakes.

Pancakes are obviously a well know breakfast food. Some students would argue that having the club at 7 AM is too early, however the students who attend the club find it to be a fitting time. Some have brought up the point of classes into the timing of the club.

“I think that’s just the only time they can fit it in,” freshman Anthony Basa said, “I don’t think they can take the time out of someone’s first hour just to eat pancakes.”

Some view the club’s purpose in a different way.

“[An] explanation for having the club is to kill all the pancakes,” freshman Mara Detienne said. “Although in the club we make more pancakes. But I still like it because I get to eat food.”

Lumberjack Club is a place for hungry students of all ages. Free pancakes at school, who could say no?

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