Jay Watch Series : Junior Jackson Harrison

A young music artist explains how he discovered his talent for producing and created his own voice through instrumentals.


Artists express themselves through multiple avenues of art. Junior Jackson Harrison defies standards and moves to his own beat by creating music he describes to listeners as limitless. 

“I don’t tie my music with just one genre,” junior Jackson Harrison said. “I allow myself to be constantly grabbing inspiration from all things that spark creativity in me, never sticking with just one idea. ” 

Harrison incorporates the various genres through original beats or instrumentals and by playing the saxophone, which acts as the main instrument in most of his work.

“I produce everything I make with Ableton Live, which is essentially a fancier Garageband on Mac,” Harrison said. “My musical style is the blending of the beauty and complexity of jazz and R&B with the modern and catchy characteristics of hip hop.” 

Harrison realized his passion and talent for producing music when attending a summer camp intended to teach young artists how to become better songwriters. Although he doesn’t consider himself a great songwriter, Harrison believes the camp enlightened him and helped to develop his current unique style. 

“I don’t need to have lyrics to be a successful artist,” Harrison said. “I could do the same thing musical artists are doing, but just instruments.”

Harrison wants listeners to understand that genres and labels don’t matter. He describes music simply: “If your ears agree with the sound, then the music is good.” Although he doesn’t have a specific goal for where his music will take him, he knows that he wants to continue creating. To hear his latest music, follow him on Soundcloud and Instagram