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Liz Gammon
Senior Liz Gammon is big on family and dance.

This is her 15th, and final, year as a dancer at Stars Unlimited Dance Company. She and her friend Gabi Watkins are the only seniors in the studio this year. In honor of this being her last year, Gammon is taking a solo to competition which she is very excited about.

“I feel that my solo displays everything that I've been working towards in my dance career,” Gammon said. "I intend to leave my heart on the stage every time I perform during this year's season because it is the last time that I can."

Gammon says that her dance teacher Amber is like a second mother to her. Gammon has been at Stars since Amber opened the studio, making her the longest-standing Stars Unlimited member ever.

"I have been at Stars from the beginning, which contributes to my love for dance," Gammon said. "Expressing myself through movement has provided me many peaceful days and many fun nights. Exhibiting music with movement is the powerful art form that I enjoy most."

One of Gammon's biggest dreams, when she was young, was to teach her own dance class and this year her dream came true.

"I have the incredible opportunity to teach kids the fundamental steps I was once taught," Gammon said. "Dance has allowed me to follow my dreams and search for purpose and I hope to continue to pass my passion to the next generation of dancers."

Although Gammon spends a lot of her time dancing, she also greatly values the time that she can spend with her family.

“I am a huge homebody so hanging out with my family, and my dog, is one of my favorite activities,” Gammon said.

Gammon's favorite television shows are The Office and Friends and she feels she closely resembles the character Phoebe Buffay. Her favorite chips are Flamin' Hot Cheetos and her favorite band is Queen.

"My favorite song is Breakthru by Queen," Gammon said. "The song supplies me with insurmountable joy and I often blast it on my car radio and sloppily sing along while driving."

In her future, Gammon hopes to be a journalist and she will strive to continue to take frequent dance classes.

Liz Gammon, Online Manager

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Liz Gammon