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Senior Connor McLain, Photographer, Reporter

Never to shy away from an opportunity to create, senior Connor McLain joined The Bell this year to add to his myriad of creative and journalistic outlets.


McLain attended Saint Pius X High School his freshman year before transferring to Liberty High School to pursue journalism.


“I wanted more opportunities,'' McLain said. “I thought a place like LHS had that, unlike Saint Pius...​​I was set after seeing the broadcasting class when I shadowed.”


In the last year McLain has found a new love for writing and photography, which have led him to newspaper.

“During lockdown I found this guy named Andrew Gennusa on Instagram, and I loved his work,” McLain said. “I really got into film photography. I found some old film cameras in my dad’s basement and started messing around, shooting with some friends. I started editing them and realized I can actually do this pretty well so why not continue it, I just have a big passion for it.”


His passion didn’t end there, as time went on Connor’s inner journalist grew restless only reporting for KLHS and he started searching for another outlet.


“After taking AP Language junior year I really got into writing,” McLain said. “I thought KLHS was cool, because of the news coverage and reporting, but The Bell gets a different side of it, I just wanted to start writing.”


Even in his free time, McLain is searching for ways to create.


“I like to run, go to the gym, or work on anything creative,” McLain said. “Videos, pictures, editing them, and stuff like that.”


Outside of journalism, McLain finds joy in being active. Playing sports and working out, specifically he likes to run.


“I run cross country and track, I did play basketball for the school and baseball most of my life, but I did not do that for the school,” McLain said.


Going into his senior year, McLain has begun thinking about the future.


“I’m thinking of attending the University of Missouri,” McLain said. “I think I want to study photojournalism or strategic communications and if not that, then sports broadcasting.”


McLain has no intention of letting go of journalism any time soon, in fact, at his ten year high school reunion he intends to have furthered his career.


“I would like for my biggest accomplishment to be that I work for ESPN and I shoot photos for the Kansas City Chiefs,” McLain said.


Connor has found a passion for journalism and creating during his high school career. He is ready to take on his senior year and unleash his full potential as a journalist and photographer.

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Senior Connor McLain