Sophomore Paiton Hodges

Hodges adores volleyball, and especially enjoys playing with her teammates. Hodges’ time is also spent at EDGE.


    Athletes never forget the adrenaline rush before a big game: tying their shoes, warming up their muscles, feeling the blood pump through their veins and the buzz of excitement. Adrenaline; excitement; eagerness. These are all feelings sophomore Paiton Hodges feels before every volleyball game. 

    Many athletes pick a sport when they are young and stick with it. This was not the case for sophomore Paiton Hodges who, despite being known as a volleyball player, was initially a gymnast. She started volleyball in sixth grade. Fast-forward four years, Hodges is now an outside hitter and a defensive specialist.

    “I enjoy my positions because they allow me to stay on the court longer and contribute more of my skills to the team,” said Hodges. “I enjoy passing the most because it is a significant part of the game of volleyball.”

    Playing volleyball at the dig-for-the-cure game against Liberty North is one of Hodge’s fondest athletic memories. This is not only because her team played well but also because she enjoyed the fundraising component of the game. Besides games, Hodges enjoys practice and cherishes her moments with her teammates. She strives to be a teammate on and off the court.

    “I love the practices because they are a fun time, and the team bonds well together,” said Hodges. “My teammates call me ‘Momma P’ because I act like a mom and I try to always be there for them; I view my teammates as my friends.”

    While Hodges wants to continue her volleyball career, she does not consider it a do-or-die situation because she has other hobbies which keep her active. Hodges runs track to stay in shape, paints to express her emotions, spends time with friends and is involved with the school’s Technology Student Association.

    This year, Hodges has also been a student of the new global microschool, EDGE. She joined EDGE to advance the way she learned, and intends to continue it next year.

    “I enjoy EDGE and will continue EDGE because it has been good preparation for college,” said Hodges. “In EDGE, you are left on your own, and so EDGE learns to keep you organized.”

    EDGE science teacher Elise Carpenter has known Hodges since the beginning of the school year. She has her as a student in chemistry, and recognizes her intelligence.

She would be a good person to lead the kids into how to do EDGE next year.

— Elise Carpenter


    “As a student, Payton is attentive in class, asks questions and has an easy time acquiring the information and making a product out of it,” said Carpenter. “She would be a good person to lead the kids into how to do EDGE next year.”  

    It was in EDGE that Hodges met some of her closest friends, including freshman Malia  Cabuyaban. Hodges has known Cabuyaban since elementary school, but both gew close in EDGE. Both also bonded over playing sports.

    “For someone who doesn’t know her, Payton is nice and outgoing,” said Cabuyaban. “She knows who she is, and she refuses to change for anyone else. I love that about her.”

    For more information about EDGE, visit its Twitter page (@LPSEDGE). EDGE’s instagram account is @lpsedge. EDGE’s website is “”. Hodges does not run track for the school. For more information about the school’s volleyball team, visit their Twitter page (@jaysvb).