History Teacher Damon Jasperson

Jasperson is one of LHS’s newest additions to the social studies department. He teaches AP World History in room 911.

Sophomore Carver Channey

Photo by Pearl Pritchard

“He teaches in a more focused way. He jokes around with us and does a lot of different activities like guided notes. He’s more relaxed than other teachers and he gives kids more leniency than other teachers. He compares the information to modern-day situational politics.”

Sophomore Nirbhay Vohra

“He’s a good teacher. He’s a funny guy and he knows how to teach. He’s very interactive. He gets to know each student personally. He tries to enrich their lives. We can do independent work time or group work time. We can talk with our friends and socialize. He also brings jokes in his teaching. We do Kahoots together and often have time to work both as a group or independently.”

Sophomore Ariel Chen

“He’s pretty laid back compared to most people, but also goes more in-depth about a lot of things. You can pretty much do whatever you want in his class as long as you’re on task. He opens up a lot of discussions and lets us state our opinions. Being able to put in our own input during discussions really makes a difference.”