And the Oscar Goes To…

I’ve always loved critically thinking through movies.

Golden Globes, the Oscars and the Grammy’s, all mean one thing: it is award season. My family doesn’t really watch these award shows, but we always look at the “what happened that night” on the morning news. Though I am not a huge fan of music awards, I love the ones with movies. The Oscars always seemed to grab my attention.

Close to the end of last school year, there were a couple of good movies that came out and coming to the end of 2019, there were
a handful of movies that seemed interesting to me.

Photo by Alyssa Griffith

On the weekend we would have movie nights if we weren’t doing anything else. My dad and I went to see “Knives Out.” I saw the trailer for it and it seemed okay, I didn’t know what to expect at the end. Though the beginning of the movie was a little slow for me, I was engaged the whole time. In the movie, there was a family that was trying to get their inheritance and finding out who killed their father. This movie was pulling me each direction into who had a motive killing him. I was impressed because it had me thinking the whole time I was watching. Throughout the movie, the person who killed him came out, but it went much deeper than that.

Another movie that met my standards was “Two Popes”. My family was just looking for another movie to watch on just a normal Saturday Night. I got to choose. I also like movies that tell a true story. This movie always had me asking the questions, who, what and why? During the movie, I wanted to ask my dad questions because he knew more about Pope Benedict XVI. This movie also revealed more about one person’s story, which I found interesting. It took place when Pope Benedict XVI wanted to step down and he wanted to talk with a cardinal, which was the “second” Pope. This movie honestly deserves an Oscar.

The movies “Two Popes” and “Knives Out” were both engaging and wanting me to ask questions all throughout. These were my favorite movies this past year.