Freshman Grant Herzog

Herzog shares his passion for running, band and making people laugh.

Emma Stauffer

An assortment of colored jerseys flies by the observers as waves of feet pound down on the dewy grass. Their owners all have one goal: make it to the finish line, fast.

Among them is freshman Grant Herzog.

Adrenaline pumping through his veins, Herzog focuses on the finish line ahead as his teammates yell their support from beside the course. Herzog finally pushes his foot across the line with every ounce of energy he has. He gasps for air as his teammates pat him on the back and share their congratulations.

“My favorite thing about being on the cross country team is that everyone cares and everyone is a great family,” Herzog said. “We help each other out and we laugh a lot. Even if I’m the last person, everyone just cheers me on.”

After participating in the running program Let Me Run in elementary and middle school, Herzog discovered his love for running and joined the cross country team in high school.

Herzog enjoys many aspects of the sport but has a special place in his heart for the last few seconds of the race.

“I like when you get to the end and the adrenaline kicks in and you go as fast as you can,” Herzog said.

Not only is Herzog involved with the cross country team, but he is also involved in band. Herzog has been playing the trombone since sixth grade. He has enjoyed his first marching season of high school and is looking forward to the concert season.

“I like marching season because you get to play at the football games,” Herzog said. “We have cool uniforms and I like the formations. Concert season is fun, you get to play pieces. We’re going to have a winter performance and we get to play Christmas songs.”

While Herzog’s involvement in two extracurriculars as only a freshman is unique in itself, Herzog has a quality that sets him apart from others: his sense of humor. Whether it’s a hilarious sound, internet reference, or sly remark, Herzog loves to make others laugh.

“I have enjoyed making people laugh since sixth grade,” Herzog said. “I was always the funny kid in my classes. Laughing is very important because if you make people laugh you can make them have a better day.”

Herzog’s biology teacher, Brianna Lindenmeyer appreciates his sense of humor and attentiveness in the classroom.

“He makes the class more fun and can always crack a joke and lighten the mood,” Lindenmeyer said. “He will speak up and be engaged in what we are doing and will work well with anybody in the class.”

Herzog’s friend, freshman Allan Vandehey enjoys being friends with Herzog and appreciates his comedic side as well.

“He is loyal and caring,” Vandehey said. “We always watch YouTube videos at lunch. I think he can listen and agree with me. If I needed to vent I could. He makes some funny remarks and has some good, funny references.”

Herzog emphasizes the importance of humor and simply being kind.

“Laughing is the best thing for you,” Herzog said. “Be nice to someone and make them laugh. If you are nice to people, people will be nice to you.”